Magic Safe Usage

OdorXit Magic Safe Usage

Magic, Freshly Scented absorbs and neutralizes odors in the air or on the go.

Magic is a clear, nearly odorless liquid that absorbs smells good (perfume) or bad (poo) like a sponge for up to two weeks. And like a sponge, when it becomes saturated it stops working.

You can keep it working by...spraying more product. This process can be extended for ever if necessary. Magic often eliminates non-recurring odor permanently.

Its active ingredients include water and water soluble plant oil extracts (essential oils). Magic by OdorXit is safe for babies, pets, parents and the planet. It contains no genetically modified bacteria, enzymes, volatile solvents, perfumes or masking agents. Magic is a totally different recipe than our OdorXit Concentrate product.

Magic by OdorXit neutralizer is a blend of non staining, non-toxic, biodegradable essential extracts that absorb and destroy malodor gasses on contact, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean. No dilution or mixing is necessary and no perfume fragrances are left behind.
Magic by OdorXit uses a new, fast, safe and very effective approach to solving odor problems. It is a clear, water based mist that absorbs most odors. Magic by OdorXit contains no fragrances, bacteria, enzymes or cover-up fragrances.

Technical Explanation: Most malodors are gasses that react with the olfactory membrane in our noses to produce an unpleasant experience; it therefore stands to reason that if a product can absorb or alter the gasses causing the unwanted odor, the offending odor will be either neutralized or taken out of play.

Simpler Explanation: That is exactly what Magic by OdorXit does. When sprayed on an odor source or simply into the air containing the unpleasant odors, Magic magically absorbs or alters the gas so that we do not smell it or identify it to be a malodor.

Magic, magically and technically, absorbs a very wide range of malodors including:
  • animal scent spray (including cat and skunk)
  • animal and human excrement (bathroom odors)
  • bed pan odor
  • body odor
  • cooking odors
  • soiled diaper and diaper pail odor
  • fish odor
  • garbage odor
  • mold, mildew and spore odor
  • pet body odor (wet dog odor) after a bath, in a self serve dog wash, etc.
  • spoiled food or milk odor
  • tobacco smoke
  • sick room/hospital odor
  • ostomy odors
  • odors after bowel surgery's
  • urine
  • stinky feet and stinky shoe odors
  • hard to reach odors such as dead animals behind a wall odor
and Magic by OdorXit also absorbs many chemical odors including but not limited to:
  • ammonia
  • hydrogen sulfide
  • methyl mercaptan
  • trimethylamine and many others.
Technical: Like all absorption-based products, Magic can absorb a finite amount of odor causing gas at which time it must be re-applied to eliminate additional odor causing gas.

Simplified: Magic works like a sponge. Once it absorbs as much as it can, the additional odor isn't absorbed and you start smelling the odor again. This means it's time to spray Magic again because it is a long lasting odor eliminator - measured in days and weeks - not spray it every day - and is completely effective on a very broad range of malodors as listed above.

Magic is simple to use. Lightly spray Magic into the affected air or onto a surface near the source of the odor or directly onto the odor source.

To prevent bathroom odors, direct 3 or 4 pumps of the mist sprayer onto the bottom of the toilet seat (a nearby surface).

For treating large areas like bathrooms, showers, kitchens, portable and public toilets and other areas with tile or cement floors, add 4 or 5 ounces of Magic to the mop bucket or detergent or rinse water and mop it on and allow it to dry.

Do not spray OdorXit Magic on the face of animals or humans or allow them to inhale the spray. The spray is not dangerous but it will inhibit your (their) ability to smell many good and bad odors for a few days because it absorbs the odors before the odor can get to your olfactory (smell) sensor in your nose. You won't be able to smell that tomato and onion sauce or that perfectly cooked steak.

Do not eat or drink Magic by OdorXit.

Keep this and all odor control products out of reach of children.

Magic by OdorXit is available as a liquid "ready to use" product that can be diluted up to 1 part magic 5 parts water if appropriate for the intended application. It is also available in 2 and 8 oz. spray bottles and in a 64 ounce refill bottle.

Magic by OdorXit contains only water and essential oils.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please e-mail us at Questions or call our odor experts on our toll free help line 1-877-ODORXIT (1-877-636-7948). If you get the answering service and they can not answer your question, leave a question that can be answered on the return call whether you answer on not. We will return your e-mail or phone call promptly.

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