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OdorXit Works On All Pets, All Surfaces & All Fabrics & Furniture

Pets can be a source of great joy, but also the source of many odors. Odors caused by pet urine, wet dog or cat, and other pet-related activities can stain surfaces and linger in the air, proving tough to eradicate for most household cleaners and remedies.

OdorXit Eliminates Common Pet Odors:

Pet Urine Odors

OdorXit Eliminates Pet Urine Odors

Skunk Odors on Pets

OdorXit Eliminates Skunk Odors

Litter Odors

OdorXit Eliminates Dog Odors

OdorXit Eliminates Pet Odors On These Surfaces:

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How OdorXit Eliminates Pet Odors

OdorXit Eliminates Pet Odors You have a pet smell and want it gone. You’ve tried bleach, and other odor removers. OdorXit Eliminator handles the toughest of pet odors like dog cat urine differently than most cleaners or chemicals by interacting directly with the urea salt in pet urine and dissolving it.

OdorXit works similarly with wet pet smell and other odors. It gets to the base of the odor, and eliminates the chemical compounds causing them.

This is what makes OdorXit such a powerful tool for both home and professional applications — when used correctly, it eliminates your pet odor for good.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Insights "Seven years ago, I was selling a beautiful house near Dallas, to move to my hometown. I had 8 cats, as I am a show cat exhibitor. I needed something to reduce the cat odor and found OdorXit. I sold the house, then another one 3 years ago. I use OdorXit frequently."
- Linda H.

"OdorXit always takes care of the doggy smells that come with having multiple dogs. Dog beds always come out of the wash clean and fresh." - Karon H.

This product is a godsend! I first found it when my elderly cats began going outside the litter box. OdorXit removed the smell completely." - Jan T.

Use OdorXit Eliminator & OdorXit Magic To Eliminate Pet Odors