• Does Your House Stink?
  • Does you company run away when you open the door?
  • Cat pee, dog poo, mold, skunked dog or anything in between?

OdorXit   More powerful than your toughest odor!
We don't cover up the smell, We Eliminate It!

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Our Odor Elimination Products

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urine feces vomit smell elimination
Odor Eliminator
Eliminates the odors it contacts!
Available in concentrate or ready to use spray bottles. Use directly on carpet, wood, fabric, plastic and more.
Smoke mildew allergens mold smell removal
Odor elimination for special applications. Great for basements, ductwork and other special applications.
Remove Odors in the Air
OdorXit Magic
Neutralizes odors in the air or on you!
Available in handy, ready to use spray bottles. Cost saving refills available too!
Buy kits and SAVE!
Pre-made kits in convenient sizes.

Happy Customers

at home with Gary Sullivan

“OdorXit is the only odor eliminator I recommend because it's the One that Works! And it's easy. I always have a bottle on my work bench. It is my go-to for every unwanted odor!”

at home with Gary Sullivan
priceless parrot preserve

“We use OdorXit Concentrate and magic in our non-profit Priceless Parrot Preserve, Inc. We spray the cages and floors. It's everything you want in an odor eliminator. It's been safe for our parrots, macaws, owls and cockatoos, so I'm sure it's safe enough for you and your pet too!” 

Priceless Parrot Preserve
Gene & Marietta Avery
remove cigarette smoke on walls odor

"The tenants moved out after smoking for 5 years in my rental. You could see exactly where the pictures hung on the walls from all the smoke. I followed AQM instructions and washed with TSP then water. I put 2 AQM packs in the room and sprayed the textured ceiling with MOMS. The smoke smell was gone and I rented the unit at an increased rent to a non-smoker. Pretty Cool!"

Kim S. - Mt. Airy, Ohio
*Disclaimer: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

All natural. 
No added fragrances. 
Essential oils blends.

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