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A Real Solution, Not A Bandaid

Don't just cover up your odors, eliminate them! OdorXit provides a real solution to your odor problems without using perfumes, olfactory desensitizers, or masking scents.

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Works On The Toughest Odors

Pet Odor

Pet Odors & Urine

OdorXit can remove the toughest pet odors! Use OdorXit to eliminate any persistent pet urine odors.

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Apartment Move Outs

OdorXit is great for land lords and other real estate owners for deodorizing between tenants, especially for tenants who smoke.

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Refrigerator Odors

Refrigerators, Freezers & Coolers

OdorXit can eliminate odors caused by foods in refrigerators, freezers and coolers.

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Taxidermy Odors


Taxidermists love OdorXit! Its perfect for eliminating decaying smells from mounts and pelts.

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OdorXit Is All Natural

Safe. Green. Natural.

OdorXit is an all natural, non-toxic odor eliminator. It is safe to use on and around pets and children. OdorXit is harmless and can safely be sprayed onto skin and pet fur.

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