How to Get Rid of Smoke Completely Using OdorXit

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How it Works

OdorXit AQM and Magic handles the toughest of smoke odors differently than most cleaners or chemicals by interacting directly with the source of the odor. AQM uses chlorine dioxide to oxidize the smell, meaning it adds oxygen to the air and smoke and gets rid of the smoke smell permanently, while Magic is an odor absorber and absorbs odors in the air and on surfaces on the chemical level.

This is what makes OdorXit such a powerful tool for both home and professional applications. When used correctly, it eliminated your odors for good!

For Lasting Odors From Long-Term Smoke Exposure, Use AQM

For the houses, apartments, and vehicles of smokers that have had years of contact with smoke, you will need OdorXit AQM. When used as directed, AQM creates a chemical called chlorine dioxide, which will eliminate the smell of smoke by oxidizing it completely - even if the smoke is under multiple coats of paint. A 10g pouch of AQM will cover about 1,000 sq. ft.

  • Open AQM’s silver packet and remove the white pouch inside. (Never open the white pouch!)
  • Put the white pouch inside the plastic sleeve that came with your AQM.
  • Add 5-7 drops of water to a folded paper towel and place the paper towel neatly inside the plastic sleeve. Place the wet side AWAY from the white pouch.
  • Place the plastic container (with the paper towel, water and white pouch) BEHIND a small fan. Turn the fan on low.
  • Allow the packet to oxidize for several days until the odor is gone.
FOR VEHICLE SMOKE ODOR: One 10 gram AQM packet and a fan in the car overnight and your car will never smell like smoke again!

For Immediate Smoke Odors, Use Magic

For the homes, apartments, and vehicles that have not had long term exposure to smoke, or the smoke has not yet sunk into surfaces, you will need OdorXit Magic.

  • Spray OdorXit Magic in the air.
  • Spray onto any surfaces where the odors seem to be coming from.
  • Reapply as needed until the odor is gone!

Use OdorXit AQM & Magic To Eliminate Smoke Odors For Good