Can You Really Get Rid of Smoke Smell 100%

I bet you think it’s impossible – How to get rid of cigarette smoke smell 100%. You’ve tried painting over the smoke on the walls and ceiling. You’ve even tried an ozone machine. You left the windows open for days to blow the smoke smell out. And you still have smoke smell in your house or apartment.

How can you get rid of the smoke smell now?

Have you ever heard of AQM – Air Quality Manager by OdorXit and a chemical called chlorine dioxide? It will get rid of smoke smell completely even if the smoke is under a coat of paint. Chlorine dioxide oxidizes the smell, meaning it adds oxygen to the air and smoke and gets rid of the smoke smell permanently.

It’s true. We had a lady who bought a vaulted ceiling condo. It had been completely redone – new kitchen cabinets, new carpet, and fresh paint when she bought the unit. It was beautiful. And after she moved in and the smell of fresh paint wore off, she would come home, open the door after the unit had been closed up all day, and all she could smell was smoke. She hated it.

On a friend’s recommendation, she tried a couple packets of OdorXit’s 25g AQM – Air Quality Manager - in the living room and placed them behind a small fan. She ran these packets and fan day and night for almost 30 days. She was able to come and go as she pleased in her house while the packets were working. After that length of time the smoke smell was completely gone. And to this day the smell hasn’t come back.

If the walls hadn’t already been painted, the time it will take to get rid of the smoke smell is less than one week and you can still be in the area while the packets work!

The packets for your whole house cost less than a romantic meal out on the town for two. The peace of mind you get to smell fresh and clean again is invaluable. Get rid of your smoke odors with OdorXit and love your house again!

Is smoke is in your car and that's where you need to get rid of the smoke smell, that process is just as easy. One 10 gram AQM packet and a fan in the car overnight and your car will never smell like smoke again!

That's our 100% money back guarantee!
- Follow the instructions,
- Give it One Night
- And you will be smoke smell free!

Go to or call our toll free help line at 877-636-7948 and let our odor experts walk you through our simple process and never smell smoke in your property again! Get yours today!