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Removing Smoke Odors
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Get Rid Of Smoke Smells

If you smoke or are living in a house or apartment previously inhabited by a smoker, you know that smoke smells do not go away easily.

Even worse, the smell gets in your HVAC system and is distributed throughout the house destroying all of your fresh air.

We're going to show you two fairly easy ways to completely remove the smell of cigarette smoke from buildings and your car's interior.

Let's get started.

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Effectively Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor With Odorxit Air Quality Manager
Effectively Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor With Odorxit Air Quality Manager

So, put away the banking soda, the vinegar, and the hydrogen peroxide. Instead, Let's look at what you can do to effectively remove smoke smell, remove carcinogenic residue, and improve the overall air quality in your home or vehicle.

Quickly Remove Cigarette Smoke Smells with Odorxit Magic
Quickly Remove Cigarette Smoke Smells with Odorxit Magic

Unlike our AQM packets, Odorxit Magic is an instant solution for removing cigarette odors from your car or house fast.

Odorxit Magic for Buildings
Odorxit Magic for Buildings

If you're trying to get smoke smell from a building, Magic will help you remove the odor in minutes.

To get rid of smoke smell in your house, follow these simple steps.

  • Purchase 8 oz or more of Magic.
  • Spray the walls and furniture surfaces.

That's it! Odorxit Magic absorbs odors. Since the formula is highly concentrated in the spray, it works very quickly and it will work only on the surfaces that you spray.

Odorxit Magic for Vehicles
Odorxit Magic for Vehicles

HEPA filters and professional ozone treatment can help some with the smell in your car, but OdorXit Magic is faster, easier, and more powerful than other odor-removing and deodorizing spray products.

Simply spray the 18 oz bottle over all the surfaces in your car to remove the smell. You can also spray some into the air vents and let the car run for a bit to disburse the spray.

Odorxit Magic for Yourself
Odorxit Magic for Yourself

Unfortunately, if you smoke or live with a smoker, you will smell like smoke. Your clothes, hair, and pets will all smell like smoke.

Our Magic is safe to use on yourself and on your pets to remove smoke smell. Simply spray it on your hair, clothes, and even your skin.

Hard Truths About Odor Removal
Hard Truths About Odor Removal

Before we get into effective smoke odor removal, we need to understand a few important facts about how to get smoke smell out.

Washing the walls and vehicle interior doesn't work.
Washing the walls and vehicle interior doesn't work

A deep clean is good for many reasons. However, simply washing the walls of a building won't get rid of smoke smells. Smoke odors from smoking and leftover cigarette butts seep into the surfaces of your home and car. If you sprinkle baking soda and distilled white vinegar in the water, it still won't eliminate the smell.

Painting the walls doesn't work
Painting the walls doesn't work

Painting the walls in your home doesn't qualify as a way to remove smoke smells. Instead, this will trap odors for a short amount of time. Within a day or less, the lingering odors trapped in the wall will reappear. Even worse, now there's an extra barrier protecting the stench from any smoke smell removal techniques.

Air fresheners don't work
Air fresheners and essential oils don't work

These home remedies to get rid of the smoky smell left by cigarettes prove to be ineffective. Baking soda, distilled white vinegar, air purifiers, and even laundry detergent have failed to totally remove smoke from vehicles, clothing, and home. Instead, they tend to just mask the smoke smells.

Activated charcoal doesn't work
Activated charcoal doesn't work

Don't use activated charcoal. It's messy, doesn't work, and your walls could even end up dirtier than before. It is true that charcoal absorbs toxins, but it is not effective for odors like smoke smells.

Sealing the walls doesn't work
Sealing the walls doesn't work

Using various substances to try to seal the walls in your home also doesn't work. The lingering smells will break through the seal and continue creating the smoky odor, no matter how much you deep clean and seal.

Ozone machines don't work
Ozone machines don't work

An ozone generator or air filter/air purifier will not remove odors or act as a smoke remediation machine. As mentioned, the odors naturally soak into surfaces. This makes it difficult for an air purifier and regular cleaning solutions like bleach, baking soda and laundry detergent to get rid of the smoke smell.

Removing Bad Odors From Buildings
Removing Bad Odors From Buildings

If you've just moved in, all of the new surfaces like your upholstered furniture won't have had time to absorb the smoke smell. You'll want to move all of the furniture out before you use your AQM packet.

If you have been smoking in your home for a while, all the windows, furniture, and hard surfaces like walls and wood floors will have already absorbed the smoke smell. Leave everything exactly where it is and get our larger pack of AQM to remove the smell from both the rooms and furniture.

Here's a list of the tools you'll need to get started:

  • Three buckets
  • Real tri sodium phosphates
  • One 4 inch fan
  • One packet of AQM by OdorXit

Important: Remove all cardboard from the room before using the AQM packet. The cardboard will absorb all the gas and prevent it from doing its job. 

Step 1: Removing Buildup
Removing Buildup

Your first goal is to remove as much of the tar and nicotine buildup as possible.

To begin, take the three buckets, fill one with warm water, one with cold water, and leave one empty. Next, add real tri sodium phosphates into the warm bucket. You'll need a ratio of 1 cup TSP to 1 gallon of water.

To use the TSP solution, follow these simple steps:

  • Close the mop and put it in the TSP bucket. 
  • Open the mop and then quickly remove it from the TSP water.
  • Wipe the tsp on the wall in approximate 4'x4' sections.
  • Squeeze the dirty water into the empty bucket twice.
  • Put the mop into the clean, cold water and rinse the 4'x4' area with the clean water.
  • Dry the 4'x4' area and repeat until all the walls are clean.

If the room is more than 1,000 ft or is full of furniture, you will need the 25-gram packet. Otherwise, the 10 g packet will be sufficient.

Step 2: Releasing the magic of AQM

Now that all the walls are clean, take your AQM packet and open it.

If you have two floors in your home, you will need two packets. If the two-level building has over 800 ft on each level, you'll need two 25 g packets. Otherwise, two 10 g packets will be sufficient.  

Next, you will need to do the following:

  •  Next, add five drops of water to a folded paper towel and place the paper towel neatly inside the plastic sleeve with the wet side AWAY from the white pouch.
  •  Then, Attach the clear, self-adhesive protector packet onto the back of the 4-in diameter fan. You can also use a ceiling fan by putting it in the "winter" position.
  •  Make sure you have 40% or more relative humidity. Do a simple Google search to find the relative humidity in your city. If your relative humidity is lower than 40%, add three extra drops of water to the paper towel in the pouch.
  • Then, turn the fan on. Make sure that the packet is behind the fan, not in front of it. 
  •  Finally, allow the packet to oxidize for several days until the odor is gone.

Removing Bad Odors from Cars
Removing Bad Odors from Cars

To remove smoke particles and smoke molecules embedded in your vehicle's surfaces, you'll need a small fan and an AQM packet.

  • First, open the silver packet and remove the white pouch.
  • Next, put the white pouch in the adhesive sleeve.
  • Then, add 5 to 7 drops of water on a paper towel, fold it, and place it into the sleeve. Make sure the wet side is facing away from the white pouch.
  • Attach the sleeve to the back of your 4"×4" diameter fan.
  • Lastly, roll up the windows, open the vents and air filters, and leave the fan running all night to increase air circulation.


AQM packets and Odorxit Magic will kill the smell of smoke. The products are natural, pet-safe, and only need to be used once.

Without using OdorXit, it typically takes 6 months for the smoke smell from cigarettes to go away. It can be even longer if the smell has seeped deep into the walls and furniture.

Get rid of cigarette smell fast using OdorXit Magic. Simply spray it on the walls, in your car, or even on yourself to quickly remove smoke smells. For more thorough elimination of stubborn smoke odors, use OdorXit AQM.

Get Rid of a Smoke Smell Fast with OdorXit
Get Rid of a Smoke Smell

Don't waste time sprinkling baking soda or other ineffective products. Instead, order your own OdorXit today.

Get rid of smoke odors permanently and start enjoying fresh air with OdorXit's smoke odor eliminator.

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