Eliminating Trash Odors

Eliminating Trash Odors

Having more trash receptacles in your home is a great way to keep things clean and tidy. The more cans you have however, the more smells they are going to produce. Whether your trash odors are being caused by an old banana peel, rotting food, moldy food, or other materials, OdorXit offers a proven solution that is sure to handle even the toughest of your trash odors.

OdorXit Applications for Trash Odors

Dirty Diaper Odor

There is nothing quite like the smell of a soiled diaper and it makes no difference if the diaper is disposable or washable, cheap or expensive, soiled by a baby or an adult. They all smell really bad. To deal with dirty diaper odors, there are a host of perfumed cover-up deodorizers and several types of diaper disposal containers, but none really get rid of the dreaded soiled diaper odor. And whoever is wearing the diaper, we love them. So too often we don't notice the smell. But others do

As much as the TV ads would like you to believe that their products remove odors, and make the world smell good again, the bottom line is perfumes simply add another odor that is stronger than the underlying odor you are trying to remove. Disposal/holding containers regardless of their innovative designs still do not trap all the odor and require that you empty the container very regularly (another nasty job).

Enter Magic by OdorXit and OdorXit AQM -Air Quality Manager.

Magic by OdorXit is provided in an 8 ounce mist spray bottle that produces about 1500 mist sprays. Two to four sprays (more will never hurt) on the nastiest smelling disposable diaper will control the odor for days. Just roll it up and spray the outside and you're done. You can even spray it before you roll it up to save yourself from the odor. The only down side is you have to remember to take the soiled diaper out of your purse or diaper bag. Cloth diapers work much the same except that you need to have a zip lock holding bag.

OdorXit AQM makes eliminating the odors even easier. Insert a 10 gram packet of AQM into the included and convenient self adhering clear pouch that you stick on the inside of the soiled diaper containers' lid. This will oxidize the odor for up to 30 days. What could be easier. You still have to empty the container on a regular basis, but the odor will be substantially reduced while emptying the contents.

How to Remove Odors from Blackwater Holding Tank

Black water holding tanks, even if emptied regularly, retain a small amount of matter that can cause really big odor problems.

The root of the problem is the flexible hose that runs from the toilet to the tank. The grooves in the hose collect matter that is not completely flushed into the tank. When it dries it is nearly impossible to remove short of replacing the hose. Replacing the hose in an RV or trailer is usually not too big of a deal because it is accessible from outside the vehicle. But in a boat, replacing the hose(s) can be in the thousands of dollars.

Pour 4 ounces of Magic by OdorXit or 1/2 bottle in the tank. Let it sit. Flush later. The Magic will stay in the holding tank and absorb the odors for months. When you empty the holding tank for the season, replace the Magic. It's that simple! And Magic leaves no fragrance of its own. It just absorbs the other odors!

The tanks also play a part here as well with residue stuck to the walls and top of the tank. You can spray the Magic on and around the toilet to absorb other odors that accumulate there. This action may need to be reapplied every couple weeks to keep the smells gone since these odors will be re-occurring and in an open space.

With a proven, non-toxic formula and years of dealing with odors of all types, OdorXit has created the ultimate odor-eliminating solution. Learn more about OdorXit Eliminator and OdorXit Magic and how they can solve your toughest odor problems.



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