Back to School But How Do You Get Rid of the Sports Odor?

The shoes, the sports, the uniforms, cheer leading, even band camp will make you need to know how to get rid of sports odors from teenagers, pre schoolers and college age kids! They all want new clothes, new computers, new books, new equipment, but they never ask for what we want them to have most.

An effective odor eliminator so they don’t stink before and after sports!

Does your teenager smell? They don’t have to be that age. Anybody active in sports creates odors. Sweating and body odor is the main cause.
  • Sweating as they run a three minute mile,
  • Perspiring on a hot day.
  • Cheer leading for the winners or the losers.
It’s all hot work and the more active they are, the more they smell.

And when they are teenagers, the hormones added to mix give off a ripe kind of smell you don’t want to be around very long. But it is what it is. And is there an answer?

A Sweaty Story
Years ago we attended a real estate investing conference. There were lots of people there so we needed a big ball room to accommodate everybody.

The problem was the group before us needed a big room too. And they needed it for the whole week prior to us being there. But that still wasn’t the problem. The problem was they were cheerleaders! They were jumping, dancing and running and creating lots of body odor and sweat and perspiration and stink.

And even after the competition was over and they left the room the odor did not leave!

OMG! Did the room smell bad! All morning the first day of our conference people complained how hard it was to sit in the room for long periods of time . They could hardly pay attention because the room smelled so bad. They really wanted to know how to get rid of body odor forever!

Then the Magic happened

At lunch, we went into the room to smell. They were right. It was pretty awful. So we walked the isles of the room spraying Magic by OdorXit every couple of steps. It was that easy. We used maybe ½ of the 8 ounce bottle to spray the room that sat over 250 people. Then we waited.

After lunch people started coming back in, complaining how hard it was going to be to sit there again because the hotel didn’t know how to remove body odor and perspiration smell from the ball room.

But OdorXit did. The smell was totally gone when the people filed back in. We had told the conference organizers what we had done and they were pretty amazed too. They were very pleased that we knew the formula on what will help body odor and remove the smell forever. The smell didn’t come back.

Magic is an odor absorber. Magic does remove body odor and other odors that permeate the air. It doesn’t leave a fragrance so you don’t really know it is working until the smell is just gone. Body odor smell will be gone forever!

Magic will work the same way to remove odors in dorm rooms or teenage bedrooms. No more stinky socks or hockey equipment smells from dirty sports clothes or sports equipment. Just spray the Magic at the stinky items. And it will absorb the odor. It acts like, well, Magic.

Magic works the same way if you need to know how to get rid of locker room odors or dirty sports clothes you’ve left in your sports bag. I know those smells can gag you!

Magic will absorb the odors in the air and will temporarily get rid of the odors of the socks and clothes. Temporarily meaning a few days, because, of course, if you keep wearing the socks the odor will come back.

How to get rid of sports odors

A friend of mine was sitting in the bleachers watching his son wrestle. He was in a tournament for first place for his school. He won too. But his dad was keeping his sports bag while he was playing and made the mistake of opening the bag looking for something.

OMG! Apparently, he said he almost gagged. He couldn’t believe how awful stinky sports clothes and knee pads could smell after being closed up for a period of time!

He said they washed the sports clothes and equipment in the washing machine. But using strong detergents with or without added odor eliminators in the wash was not how to eliminate the smell from knee pads or his uniform or remove the smell from his hockey equipment.

They were always looking for how to get rid of the odors in sports equipment so if OdorXit had something new or different, he really wanted to try it.

He thought if OdorXit had a product that did know how to remove smell from knee pads or sports equipment he would be a lot happier traveling with his sons’ whole sports team! And the other parents and kids would too.

How do you get rid of sports equipment odor in knee pads, shoulder pads even uniforms easily and safely?

OdorXit does have a product to remove the odors sports equipment. That includes knee pads, shirts and pants – anything athletes wear while sweating up a good game. This product will even remove the odor from hockey gloves, improve hockey hands and remove the smell from knee pads and shoulder pads. And oh boy, can the knee pads and gloves get really stinky!

The product by OdorXit is called MOMS. It stands for Mold Odor Mildew Smoke. And body odor and sweat falls under the category of “Odor”. Once the MOMS packet gets submerged under water for one hour, the water is filled with chlorine dioxide or clo2.

Clo2 is an oxidizer. That means add oxygen and get things clean (oxidized) and remove odors, bacteria causing the odor and a lot more. MOMS is slightly similar to an ozone machine but much safer for you and your family and any material you want to remove the odor from.

Lucky for athletes and their friends and family, body odor can be oxidized!

So how do you remove tough odors like the smell from knee pads? Or hockey gloves, or the team uniform you just sweat in for nine hours while playing in a State tournament?

Submerge the item in the bucket with the clo2 water for at least one hour. It will oxidize the odor and the odor will be gone. Then just let it dry naturally or in the dryer if that’s how you would normally wash it.

Since you are continuing to wear the uniform, it will get the smell back. Sweat over time will bring back the smell. Just submerge it again in the bucket of MOMS.

MOMS won’t hurt the fabrics like ozone. An ozone machine will damage elastics because elastics can be oxidized. MOMS is a selective oxidizer. That’s what’s special about MOMS patent. It is a selective oxidizer, doesn’t damage elastics and does get out the toughest odors.

What’s the difference between Magic and MOMS and when would you use one over the other? Great Question!

Magic is great when you are on the go. Spray Magic under your arms, at your shirt or even hair. Spray Magic in your shoes or gloves or sports bag. It will make the smell much better for a long while. Magic will absorb the odor and you will temporarily smell fresh and clean.

If you want to remove the odor completely from your clothes or sports equipment and smell nothing and have the time it takes to do that, then MOMS is the product you’ll want. MOMS takes at least an hour to soak the garment then let it wash and dry. And if the MOMS isn’t already prepared, you’ll need another hour for that too.

With Magic and MOMS by OdorXit, you’ll never need to ask these questions again:

How do I to eliminate hockey odor?

How do I to remove gross smells from knee pads?

How do I get rid of smells in my sports equipment so I don’t stink myself out or stink when I get to the winners circle?

Because the answer is MOMS and Magic – both effective odor eliminator OdorXit products!

It’s time to fight your tough odors and win! Go to www.OdorXit.comand get MOMS and Magic today!