Eliminating Fuel and Oil Odors


Common OdorXit Applications for Fuel and Oil Odors

Fuel and oil odors can stain surfaces and produce upleasant odors that linger long after the cause is seemingly gone. OdorXit offers solutions for your toughest cases of fuel and oil odor. OdorXit offers several products that will not only remove the smell, but fully eliminate it.

How to Remove Fuel and Oil Odors from Concrete, Ceramic Tile, and Grout

Diaper Odors Concrete, cement, tile and grout that has been contaminated with diesel fuel, fuel oil, gasoline or kerosene can present a substantial cleanup effort. However, the process is really very straight forward using OdorXit Concentrate and real TSP cleaner. The key to removing the odor is to breakdown and emulsify the oil products as much as possible within safe product usage so that most of the oil can be removed with a shop vac. The rest can be neutralized by OdorXit Concentrate applied to the floor.

Removing Fuel and Oil from Machine Washable Rugs

Diaper Odors Removing Diesel Fuel, Heating Oil, Gasoline and their odors from machine washable rugs is really quite simple. Just add 1 or 2 ounces of OdorXit Concentrate to the normal load of detergent and carpet. At the end of the wash cycle, stop the machine for 20 or 30 minutes to let it soak and do its job. Set the spin cycle and second wash continue normally and you will find the odor is completely removed.

Use OdorXit Eliminator & Magic To Eliminate Fuel and Oil Odors