Eliminating Mold Odors


How to Prepare and Use MOMS (Mold Odor Mildew Smoke)

  1. Tear open the silver Mylar package
  2. Remove the white inner deodorizing pouch
  4. Slightly bend pouch into a clear, clean two liter plastic bottle
  5. Fill bottle to the top with COLD water
  6. Allow packet to soak at least 1 hour until it turns the water a yellowish green color
  7. Pour contents into any size spray bottle 1/4 full
  8. Add COLD water to fill sprayer 100% full
  9. Solution is ready to spray on:
    • Surfaces (walls, light switch plates, door knobs, hand rails, drapes, furniture, cabinets, carpet)
    • Soak gloves/knee pads
    • Stucco
    • Leather
    To eliminate:
    • Mold/mildew
    • Mothball odor,
    • Curry cooking odor
    • Pet dander
    • Body odor
    • Dust mite matter
    • Cigarette and other smoke odors
MOMS won't harm surfaces or hands.

Product can be diluted more to extend its coverage.

When the product is kept cold, in a refrigerator, it will stay effective indefinitely.

OdorXit Helps With Musty Odors In These Objects:

Use OdorXit MOMS & OdorXit AQM To Eliminate Mold Odors