How to Remove Mold Smells from Household Items Easily!

What if you had a solution to remove mold smells from household items and actually safely got rid of the mold spores so they never came back? 

That can be a tough job because professionals just want to throw away anything wet after a flood. 

You’re tired of those professionals coming in your house, giving you an astronomical price to get the mold out of your house and make it livable again. They want you to throw out all you items – the wet ones and the ones in the room near the ones with mold. Chairs, nick knacks, pictures and frames, even books in the room that didn’t get wet. Some of those items are precious. Gifts from your dad or your uncle or mom that you’ve cherished for years. Your mom and dad are gone and those items can’t be replaced. And in one short remediation, everything must go in the trash. They say “there’s no way to remove mold smells from household items so they all must go in the trash. The mold will never go away, the musty smell will stay and you’ll get sick from having mold on your precious nick- knacks.”

But with a new product, you could keep most all of your personal items, even books, and still breathe easy in your previously flooded home. And totally remove mold smells from household items.

Such As the

  • Nick Knacks
  • Glass and china
  • Furniture
  • Picture frames 
  • Books

Mold Odor Mildew Smoke by OdorXit

Will remove mold smells from household items

Mold remediation in the expensive world does not include recovering any personal items. Personal items normally are thrown away, even if they were not directly involved in the flood. But because the mold spores landed on them, bloomed into fungus and still cause breathing problems and smells, and the professionals think there is no easy way to remove the spores, the household items get thrown out. And if you don’t get rid of the spores on the personal items, you’ll never get rid of the musty odors. Because until now there has been no way to remove mold smells from household items.

The rule always appeared to be: paint it or pitch it. Books, papers, curtains, furniture, nick knacks all have to go in order for the mold testing process (run after the cleanup) to succeed. So you can’t remove mold smells from household items.

There is a solution and it costs a lot less than thousands of dollars, even less than hundreds of dollars.

You will have to throw out any cardboard boxes. If there are personal items in the boxes you want to save and can be saved, place them in an air tight plastic storage container. No need to throw your personal items out. Because now you can remove mold smells from household items.

If your keepsakes do have mold spores or are yucky to touch, clean them first with MOMS by OdorXit.M old O dor M ildew S moke. Once the MOMS packet is placed in water, chlorine dioxide gas is created and encapsulated in the water. Then just spray or wipe it on your precious belongings and remove mold smell from household items with just one cleaning.

Here’s how:

  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Use a cloth rag
  • Get the rag damp and wipe off your items, one by one. 
  • Then place them in the plastic box, put on the lid to keep other spores out and put them someplace safe.

It’s that simple!

No residue is left behind so there is nothing else to wipe off. It’s safe to breathe, easy on your hands, non toxic and leaves no carbon footprint. 

Here’s how to prepare the MOMS So You Too Can Remove Mold Smells from Household Items and NOT Throw them out.

  • Get a clean 5 gallon bucket
  • Fill with 2-4 gallons of cold water
  • Place a heavy item (screw, fork, etc.) through the hole in the end of the white packet. This will ensure the packet lays on the bottom of the bucket and the gas the MOMS produces becomes encapsulated in the water.
  • Wait approximately one hour as the water turns slightly yellow.
  • Use a cloth rag to wipe off your items, one by one and place into the air tight plastic storage container .

Once your house is remediated, your items will be ready to place back on your book shelves and throughout the house with all the spores oxidized / gone – no odor, no spores, you will remove mold smells from household items and never have to throw them out. All that will be left is easy breathing.

And if you have paper items that shouldn’t be wiped down with a water cleaner, there’s AQM by OdorXit. Air Quality Manager . Instead of the gas staying in the water, this product releases the gas into the air to oxidize the mold spores, fungus and the mildew smell – killing the odor and never coming back, allowing you to remove mold smells from household items like books and important paper – completely!

How to Remove Mold Smells from Household Items So Fast and Easy You Won’t Believe It!