Eliminating Mold Odors


How to Remove Mold Smells from Household Items Easily!

Here’s how to prepare the MOMS so you can remove mold smells from household items and NOT throw them out:

  • Get a clean 5 gallon bucket
  • Fill with 2-4 gallons of cold water
  • Place a heavy item (screw, fork, etc.) through the hole in the end of the white packet. This will ensure the packet lays on the bottom of the bucket and the gas the MOMS produces becomes encapsulated in the water.
  • Wait approximately one hour as the water turns slightly yellow.
  • Use a cloth rag to wipe off your items, one by one and place into the air tight plastic storage container .
And if you have paper items that shouldn’t be wiped down with a water cleaner, there’s AQM by OdorXit. Instead of the gas staying in the water, this product releases the gas into the air to oxidize the mold spores, fungus and the mildew smell – killing the odor and never coming back, allowing you to remove mold smells from household items like books and important paper – completely!

OdorXit Helps With Musty Odors In These Objects:

Use OdorXit MOMS & OdorXit AQM To Eliminate Mold Odors