Odors in Clothing, Fabric and Furniture

Dry Cleanable Fabric and Clothing

Odors including urine, feces, liquid stool, vomit, spoiled food and fish on delicate dresses, blouses, shirts and wool suits should have the contaminated areas sprayed with Odorxit® Concentrate diluted 1 part concentrate 30 parts water. These odors are normally eliminated with 1 or 2 applications. Allow the Odorxit® solution to dry overnight then test the area for odor by lightly spraying the area with water. If the odor returns re-treat with the Odorxit®. When the odor is completely eliminated dry clean and press the garment. The odor will not return.

Treating mold and mildew odor and body odors that do not respond to dry cleaning can be very effectivly treated with OdorXit AQM (ClO2). Because ClO2 (chlorine dioxide) is a vapor, it does not effect the material or fabric as liquid products do. OdorXit AQM actually oxidizes the materal causing the odor. In the case of mold or mildew, it oxidizes the spores and mold fungus; in most cases reducing it to dust.

The easiest way to apply OdorXit AQM is to mount a 10 gram extended release packet on the closet wall or bottom of the closet shelf or in a hanging garment bag above the clothes to be treated with the self adhering pouch included with the product or the clamshell pouch sitting on the floor of the closet with a small to circulate the air through the clothing in the closet. Separate the clothes as much as possible so the air can travel between and thought the clothes to eliminate the smell.. Make sure the packet does not touch the clothing as it will bleach the area it touches. Remove the white micro pouch packet from the mylar shipping pouch and insert it into the plastic clamshell. If the relative humidity is below 40% put a few drops of water on the packet before inserting it into the clamshell. The packet will produce chlorine dioxide for 20 to30 days. Normal response time to treatment is 2 to 4 days for complete removal of mold, allergens and body odors.

Machine Washable Fabric and Clothing

Removing organic odors including urine, feces, liquid stool, vomit, skunk, spoiled food, fish, mold and mildew odor from machine washable fabric requires that you add several caps full of Odorxit® Concentrate to the washing machine at the beginning of the wash cycle with the normal dose of detergent but no bleach. Allow the wash cycle to complete but delay the first spin cycle for 15 to 30 minutes (This can easily be accomplished with older model top loading washers by leaving the door open during the wash cycle). After the wash/soak time, close the lid and let the machine finish its normal cycles. In some cases, it may be necessary to run the final rinse twice.

Even thought Odorxit® Concentrate is extremely safe even for babies, when using it on on baby clothing and bedding, use as little as is effective. This will reduce the cost and reduce the very small possibility of reactions on your baby's or your very sensitive skin.

Furniture with Fabric Upholstery

Organic odors in furniture upholstery can be a bit more difficult because much of the fabric used on furniture is not colorfast. Before you attempt a furniture recovery project, test Odorxit® on the back of the piece to see what happens. After all, a nice piece of furniture with water marks and no smell is not acceptable either.

If the furniture fabric is colorfast, remove the bulk of surface material. Wash the stain with a combination of water, mild upholstery cleaner and Odorxit® (Mix 1 ounce of Odorxit® with each quart of upholstery solution). If you have a wand vacuum cleaner attachment, vacuum the area to extract the residual cleaner, water and contaminant. Then sprays on another application of just Odorxit® diluted 1 ounce to 20 or 30 ounces of water and allow it to dry slowly.

If the contamination has soaked deeply into the padding it will be necessary to treat the padding as a separate item. Sometimes this can be accomplished with out removing the upholstery cover, but in many cases, removing the cushion cover will be a better choice because the volume of Odorxit® needed to get to all the contamination will be much larger than is needed for just the covering.. In the cases with foam padding, you may find that it is cheaper and easier to replace the padding.




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