OdorXit MOMS

OdorXit Mold-Odor-Mildew-Smoke (MOMS) is a powerful yet safe and easy home or office spray oxidizer (adds oxygen to odors to eliminate them and their source).

It is the liquid form of OdorXit AQM gas and will oxidize or eliminate all the same odors on contact such as:
  • Mold/Mildew
  • Smoke – cigarette, cigar and fire
  • Fish, cooking odors or spoiled food
  • Animal spray
  • Mothball odor
  • Body odor, sports smells and sweat in clothing
  • Dust mites
  • Medical, bacterial and viral odors
It’s best for items that are water tolerate, outside or/and uneven surfaces such as carpet, stucco ceiling or walls, tack for horses and leather etc. It is immediate oxidation of dust mites on couches, carpet, germs on light plates switches, refrigerator handles and so much more!

It is an effective general-purpose surface cleaner with near 100% effectiveness. It is very similar to AQM – Air Quality Manager – except it becomes a spray-able delivery system. Chlorine dioxide will oxidize/neutralize a wide range of malodors including

It’s easy to prepare and use the 5 gram MOMS packet, Just place the white pouch in a two liter clear bottle for one hour. Mix it with more water in a spray bottle and your are ready to spray anywhere that those odors exist. Just spray and your life will smell fresh again! It’s that easy.