Why should you be an OdorXit Affiliate/Distributor?

You already tell people how you got rid of your horrific odors, right?

Get paid when you tell your odor story. When your friends hear how OdorXit worked for you and then buy with your special affiliate link – you get paid. It's as simple as that!

They had their odor and they’ve tried all the other products to get rid of that odor. Nothing’s worked. Maybe this was your story too. Now they are looking for something that really does get rid of the odors and YOU have their answer.

When they buy OdorXit using your affiliate link, you automatically get associated with their sale and you’ll earn a piece of the profit for each sale that has your affiliate link associated with the sale. It’s that simple!

OdorXit Affiliate Program

All You Have to Do

  • Tell people about your success using OdorXit
  • Give them your affiliate link for them to use to buy from the www.OdorXit.com site

That’s all there is too it. When they buy, our records show it was because of you. Your good words sold our products. Then at the beginning of each month, we mail you a check or better yet, automatically deposit the money directly into your Paypal account. What could be simpler?

Affiliate Application

Want to Retail Our Products?

When you carry our products in your brick and mortar store, we sell to you at a significant discount, and you carry it in your store. We place your store's name and address on our website under our store locator. We send people in your area directly to you via our website. OdorXit advertises on the At Home With Gary Sullivan Show - which has 200+ affiliates coast to coast. People hear about our products all over the country but often don't want to pay the price or wait until we ship it to them. They want it now, and you can provide that for them.

Just sign up here on our distributor/wholesale page and it's that easy:

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OdorXit is quickly becoming a house hold name for odor control due to the good words offered every weekend by radio celebrities Gary Sullivan and Dr. Gary Clemmons here in Cincinnati.

Gary Sullivan is heard nationwide on his radio home improvement show "At Home With Gary Sullivan" heard on over 200 radio stations, XM radio and live on the web at http://55krc.com every Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9AM to Noon EST. Gary's show has a huge following, and his listeners call in with all sorts of home problems and projects including removing pet odors, mold remediation and anything else you can of to do around the house. Gary only endorses solutions and products he has used successfully. As Gary says, "OdorXit Products are the ones that really work!"

Dr. Gary Clemmons DVM has a radio show called "Pet Talk". He is heard regionally in Ohio on WKRC 550 am and on the web at 55krc.com Sunday from 5 to 6 PM EST. Dr. Clemmons uses OdorXit Products in his practice to control pet odors and talks about them at length on his show. Nothing helps eliminate cat urine odors better than OdorXit.

We offer a retail store locator map with your company name, address, phone, fax, email, contact person, description, logo, and link to your web site. If have additional special information, we can usually accommodate that as well.