Solutions to Wildlife Odors, both Indoors and Out

Have you ever had bats get into your attic? Or squirrels or chipmunks or even raccoons clawing their way through your siding and into your crawl space and making a stinky mess there?

Those wild creatures can get into your crawl space, attic or between your walls just by clawing at lose siding or soffets or eating their way through your drywall or wood trim. They crawl in and make themselves at home. They poop and pee on your ceiling. They can bring tree branches, twigs and leaves in and make themselves a nest. Yes, a nest, a home for wildlife, in your attic. Then they have babies. They live and die there and leave a stinky mess.

They leave a stinky mess for you to clean up after you get the wildlife control company to come in and remove the mess they leave behind. And they only charge a mere $500 or more.

But the Wildlife Control Company only gets rid of the live wildlife. They don’t know much and don’t care about getting rid of the nest and the odor the animals leave behind. And maybe they will get rid of the dead wild life. But most don’t know anything about getting rid of the odor all that mess does leave behind. That’s up to the homeowner to eliminate.

A Professional Odor Removal and Wildlife Removal Company

We had a wildlife removal company come into our neighbor’s home once. They got the live animals out of the attic – it was squirrels - by setting a couple traps in the attic. When they went to retrieve the traps the professional company wore heavy gloves and pants just in case they hadn’t caught all of the live ones when they went to retrieve the traps. They do bite and you never know if they could have diseases themselves. So they do and should protect themselves.

Before they left the house my neighbor ask what they were going to do about the odor that was left after they took the animals out. They said “Nothing. There is nothing on the market to eliminate that odor so just live it.”

They knew of nothing! Huh! They even have “odor removal” on their business card. Well, they obviously didn’t know about Magic by OdorXit for dead decaying bodies – of any size. Magic absorbs the gas the decaying matter puts off and the smell is absorbed silently – not odor as the remains turn to dust.

But there are a few wildlife control companies who do use OdorXit to get rid of the smell the wildlife leave behind. They understand the peace of mind the homeowner needs to be sure nests are gone and the disease, feces, dead bodies and dropping that can be left behind are gone too.

Always ask your critter getter if they get rid of the nests after removing the animals. Always ask them too if they get rid of the odor. Ask them if they even know how to get rid of the odor.

Most of the professional critter getters or wildlife removal companies don’t have anything on their truck to deal with odor. And I even had one of the big companies tell me there was nothing on the market to get rid of the odor after they leave. And he wasn’t interested in learning about one either. Crazy!

But when you have tough odors, always check with OdorXit and the Odor Wizard . Together they can answer and solve your odor problem!

Here's What Our Customers Say About Removing Stinky Nuisance Wildlife! 
Russ, A-Z Wildlife Control, LLC "We use OdorXit in our business of getting rid of the stinky nuisance wildlife in people's attics and yards. OdorXit makes the left over odors go away 100%. This makes our customers love our company for getting rid of the nuisances and love that we go a step above the other companies by getting rid of the odor permanently too! "
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your product. We live in central Florida in a ranch style house with lots of trees and bushes. The roof rats climb up and get in through the soffets in spite of our best efforts to stop them. When they get into the attic and die, they stink for weeks. Your OdorXit Concentrate product is the only one that got rid of the odor and it only took about an hour for the odor inside the house to be gone. Great stuff!" JoAnn R, Orlando FL.