Eliminating Odors from the House

Eliminating House Odors

A rodent dies in the wall, your refrigerator dies, oil and gas spill in the garage, your pet has an accident — the smells a house can produce are many, and eliminating them takes a strong product with a proven track record of success. OdorXit got its start as a tool for rental home owners to utilize in battling a variety of tough-to-tackle smells. OdorXit is proven as an effective in-home solution for odor situations of all types.

OdorXit Applications for Odors in the Home

Removing Burned Food Smoke Odor

Burning food on the stove or in the microwave or oven can and often does leave a lasting reminder of the event for weeks if not longer. Thoroughly washing the pots and oven works well to remove the odor from the source but because of the construction of microwave ovens, it is nearly impossible to remove even the smoke much less the odor from all the tubes and channels inside. Then there is odor in the kitchen and adjoining rooms!

A burned pot of soup that produces no fire could require you to wash the walls and cabinets in your kitchen and adjoining rooms to remove the odor. Aerosols and candles just add to the burned food odors and often are not a complementary addition.

In the case where the burned food caught fire and there was smoke, the affected walls and ceiling will need to be washed with TSP Tri Sodium Phosphate and water first and the smoke treated before they are painted because paint will not cover-up the smoke an smell.

In all of the cases mentioned above, OdorXit AQM will remove the remaining smoke odor perminently after washing the surfaces with TSP. AQM produces a gas called chlorine dioxide (CLO2) that is a selective oxidizer. This means that it adds oxygen and unlike ozone, in low concentrations as produced by AQM, CLO2 does not oxidize everything in sight, only smoke residue, mold, spores, and other organic pathogens. The packet will produce gas for up to 30 days if not accelerated by adding water.

Adding the AQM, placing the white tyvec packet into the clear container and place it behind a small fan, will oxidize the smell and get rid of the odor. Then it will be ready for the final coat of paint. After you repaint your walls and ceilings, no one will know there ever was a fire in your home!

Disposal Odors

When you consider all the stuff we put in a garbage disposer to be ground up and washed down the drain it is truly amazing that disposers don't smell much worse than they do all the time instead of occasionally. And if your disposer gets corroded, even grinding up a lot of ice and lemon peal may not make a significant difference in the odor issue. Maintaining a low odor profile in a garbage disposer is really a matter of odor prevention and proper use of the disposer itself, including:

Running the water and motor long enough to grind up and clear all the garbage from the unit and piping connecting it to the sewer line. Remember there is often 12 or more inches of pipe between the disposer and the ""P trap"" under the sink where small pieces of garbage and grease can be left to rot and smell if the water and grinder motor are shut off too soon. Cleaning the disposers grinding chamber by running some lemon peal, 5 or 6 ice cubes with a squirt of dish washing detergent through the disposer every week will remove much of vegetable matter and fat that accumulates throughout the disposer and it sharpens the blades in the process. Sometimes, even a well maintained disposer will develop odors that these procedures will not remove. In these cases, dumping 8 ounces of water mixed with 1/2 ounce of OdorXit Concentrate into the running disposer will eliminate the odor. Turn the disposer off after 2 or 3 seconds and do not run additional water through the disposer for 10 to 15 minutes to give the OdorXit Concentrate time to do its odor elimination job.

After these few steps, your disposer will be smelling fresh and clean...until the next stinky fish carcus goes down the drain!

Odors from Refrigerator and Power Outage

You went on vacation only to return to a wet stinky mess at the base of your refrigerator. Or the storm came to your area and knocked out your electricity for days. And OMG! Not to worry. With OdorXit Concentrate, a spray bottle, some detergent and maybe a screw driver, you can keep your refrigerator and get it back to smelling fresh and clean again! No need for bleach and ammonia. Here's the process: Remove anything that can be saved and throw the rest out. Remove your shelves and crisper drawers and any other removal parts. Rinse everywhere.

Put the refrigerator in the back of your truck and drive it to the car wash. Rinse and wash it out there. And spray OdorXit Concentrate mixed with water in the car wash drains before you leave! The fellow behind you and the owner of the car wash will be grateful you did! If at home, wash everywhere in the refrigerator with warm water and detergent. Dawn or Joy is fine. Rinse again and let it dry. Mix OdorXit Concentrate and water in a spray bottle. Thirty ounces of water to one ounce of OdorXit.

Spray EVERYWHERE there was defrosted liquids from meats, rotting vegtables, spoiled milk, etc. Spray into the holes for the supports of the shelves, the vent holes where the refrigerated air comes through, into the insulation, etc. You may need to remove any parts where there is insultation and spray the OdorXit. You may have to replace the insulation. Spray or take a rag saturated with the OdorXit solution into the ""Z"" folds of the gasket that makes the suction to close the door.

Be sure to spray this. This is where lots of stink will hide until you neutralize it with the solution. Spray the drip pan underneath the refrigerator Spray the floor around the refrigerator - anywhere the defrosted juices may have dripped and any place else you can think of that the liquids may have run. Let the OdorXit Solution dry and test for odors.

If it still smells, sniff and find the areas that still smell and respray those spots. OdorXit will get rid of all the odor when you spray ALL the areas that stink. The OdorXit Solution must come in contact with all the odor source or the odor won't go away. Baking soda and bleach just will not get rid of all the odor. So having OdorXit on hand for all your odors is the best bet on the market for keeping your life and home smelling fresh and clean.

With a proven, non-toxic formula and years of dealing with feline odors, OdorXit has created the ultimate cat urine odor-eliminating solution. Learn more about OdorXit Eliminator and OdorXit Magic and how they can solve your toughest odor problems.



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