How to Remove Mice Smell from behind Walls Safely and Easily

How do you remove mice smell behind walls when you can’t see the source but you sure can smell it? Your friends stop over that you haven’t seen in years. You take them in the family room with the big screen TV. As the night wears on they notice a smell. A distinctively bad smell […] The post Let’s Do It! Remove Mice Smell behind Walls Safely and Easily! appeared first on Odor Removal for Just About Everything.

How do you remove mice smell behind walls when you can’t see the source but you sure can smell it ?

It could be a decaying mouse behind the wall. How do you remove mice smell behind walls without tearing out the wall? You surely don’t want to do that but you can’t stand the smell and you’re not moving out. Ooooh ooooh that smell. Can’t you smell that smell?

How do you remove mice smell behind walls when you can’t get to the source?

You could wait till the body totally decays but that could be weeks, depending on how big the critter is. And you can’t eat dinner with that smell coming into the kitchen.
If you have an infestation of mice, it might be time to call a professional to get the mice out. If you just have a random smell and you need to know how to remove mice smell behind walls, your easy answer is

Magic by OdorXit

Magic by OdorXit is a safe, essential oils and water formula. Just spray and walk away. No enzymes, no cover up fragrances, non-toxic. Safe to spray in the air to absorb the odors. When you spray it in the area of the smell –

  • the cracks in the wall
  • the outlet covers
  • the switch plates
  • where the floor and wall meet
  • anywhere the decaying gases can come through the wall to your nose


will absorb those odors up to a week. Then it’s time to spray again. It’s safe to spray around you, your kids and your pets. And it leaves no odor or fragrance of its own. It will remove mice smell behind walls and you’ll be grateful it did. The party will continue!

Once you try Magic by OdorXit , you won’t know what you did without it. You’ll throw your “spray it everyday” air fresheners out the window. No more Hawaiian Breeze or Margarita Summers. You’ll just smell fresh and clean and never worry about odors again. And easily and safely remove mice odors behind your walls.

Magic by OdorXit is great to remove other odors too like:

  • smoke odors on your clothes or hair
  • bathroom odors
  • cat litter box odors
  • incontinence odors, and of course, it is always best to
  • remove mice smell behind walls all year long!



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OdorXit Magic