How to Remove Dead Animal Odors & Decaying Rodent Smells

Removing Decaying Odors Even When It's Behind The Wall

OdorXit is GUARANTEED to eliminate dead and decaying odors. Whether its mice, squirrels, or other animal and rodents, the odors can be more difficult to eliminate because you have no access to the source of the odor. Particularly when an animal has died on the other side of a wall, you would prefer not to have to remove part of the wall to access the odor. However, with OdorXit Magic & Eliminator, its easy and you can conquer the odor without having to get behind the wall.


Using OdorXit Magic To Remove Dead Animal Odors Behind Walls

Magic by OdorXit is a safe, essential oils and water formula. Just spray and walk away. No enzymes, no cover up fragrances, non-toxic. Safe to spray in the air to absorb the odors. When dealing with dead and decaying odors behind walls, simply spray OdorXit Magic on:

  • the cracks in the wall
  • the outlet covers
  • the switch plates
  • where the floor and wall meet
  • anywhere the decaying gases can come through the wall to your nose

OdorXit Magic will absorb those odors for up to a week. Then it's time to spray again at least until the creature is gone. It's safe to spray around you, your kids and your pets. And it leaves no odor or fragrance of its own and it is guaranteed to remove dead rodent smells behind walls.

Magic by OdorXit is great to remove other odors too like:

  • smoke odors on your clothes or hair
  • bathroom odors
  • cat litter box odors
  • incontinence odors

Magic is not the only way to remove the odors of dead or decaying critters. For areas that you CAN access, OdorXit Eliminator is a guaranteed solution to eliminate these odors. Simply mix the concentrate with water, spray directly on the entire affected area, and the odor is gone!



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