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You only get one body in life, and that body can produce a range of unpleasant smells that can linger in the air and be difficult to fully eliminate. OdorXit has years of dealing with many of the unpleasant odors caused by life such as sweat, urine, and body odor. With a range of odor-eliminating products, OdorXit offers specific solutions for eradicating different types of bodily smells completely,   in your personal or professional life.

OdorXit Eliminates Common Body Odors:

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How OdorXit Eliminates Odors

OdorXit Eliminates Odors You have a lingering smell and want it gone. You’ve tried bleach, and other odor removers. OdorXit Eliminator handles the toughest of Body odors like urine differently than most cleaners or chemicals by interacting directly with the urea salt in urine and dissolving it.

OdorXit works similarly with taxidermy related smells and other odors. It gets to the base of the odor, and eliminates the chemical compounds causing them.

This is what makes OdorXit such a powerful tool for both home and professional applications — when used correctly, it eliminates your body odor for good.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Insights "This stuff works great on pet odor as well as with incontinent people." - Ed.

"WOW this worked way better than I thought it would. I have deer hides, and they smell to high heaven. A bunch of sprays from this and the smell is GONE." - RJ

"I bought this to keep at the stroke rehab center for my Mom - I quickly noticed that more was needed to combat the urine smell.This product is a little life saver..well nose saver! I highly recommend it!" - Jan H.

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