Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit Magic?

OdorXit Concentrate must come in contact with the offending odor then it stops it from producing the odor. It bonds with the odor particles and breaks them apart to stop them from smelling. It uses a combination of water and natural salts and oils to permanently eliminate, not mask, odors on contact. OdorXit Magic by OdorXit is a second recipe of water and essential oils that absorbs odor in the air. You don’t need to Spray It Every Day as some products promise. One a week, once every other week will keep reoccurring odors such as tobacco smoke, wet dog smell, dead animal behind a wall and even urine in carpet padding are more effectively treated with OdorXit Magic NOT Concentrate. Magic will absorb the odor from a dead decaying mouse behind the wall.

2. Why do I have to clean the contaminated areas before using any OdorXit product?

Cleaning the surfaces with the appropriate cleaner for different finishes (wood, concrete, fabric, etc.) gets rid of some of the smelly material so OdorXit can get rid of the smell often the first time, using less product.

3. Why do I have to get rid of the odor first and foremost before doing ANY finish work, painting, carpeting, sanding, or any other rehab/cover up efforts?

OdorXit Concentrate MUST combined with the offending odor particles to stop it from making the odor. Painting or installing new flooring puts a layer between the odor and the OdorXit and doesn’t allow OdorXit to get to the source to break down the odor.

4. I used the OdorXit Concentrate and followed the directions perfectly. The odor was gone for a couple days but then it came back. How come it didn’t eliminate the odor permanently?

When the OdorXit comes in contact with ALL the offending odor, it will eliminate the smell permanently. But if you miss an area and don’t get the solution of OdorXit Concentrate and water and sometimes carpet shampoo to all of the cause of the smell, the odor will come back. You must treat everywhere that the smell is or it won’t go away.

5. Is OdorXit concentrate safe for my carpet or furniture and will it really get rid of all the odor?

Yes – OdorXit is made from water and essential oils so it is safe for carpet, fabric, even dry cleanable clothes. An extra “tip” to get to the OdorXit to soak deeper into a surface such as carpet or concrete is to add carpet shampoo with "surfactant" (Wal-Mart Great Value Brand, Resolve, etc.) to the OdorXit Concentrate and water solution for even tile or grout too. This lets the solution penetrate deeper into the surface and eliminate more urine smell on the first attempt. (1 part Concentrate, 3 parts Carpet Shampoo and 30 parts water)

6. If OdorXit Concentrate works on my carpet, how can it be safe enough for my dog’s fur when they get sprayed by a skunk?

OdorXit is made mostly from water and a special recipe of essential oils to eliminate odors. You don’t want your dog to lay in the OdorXit or get it in their eyes, but putting it on their fur, whenever there is skunk smell will eliminate the skunk smell completely and not hurt their fur. Rinse off the OdorXit too after it’s sat on their fur for at least 5 minutes. If there is still a skunk odor, smell the dog’s fur. Locate where it smells and re-apply the OdorXit Concentrate solution to that area only. This is really important for dogs with wrinkles or folds in the fur. Again, let it stay on the pet for at least 5 minutes, then rinse. They will be smelling fresh and ready to be in the house again!

7. If I add more OdorXit and less water will it work better?

No! You need the water and you need the solution to be in contact with the odor to eliminate it. So you must find the areas that still smell and apply the mixture until the smell is gone. Always add water to the OdorXit Concentrate. One ounce to a minimum of 10 ounces of water. Water is what makes the solution eliminate the odors.

8. Is the AQM Air Quality Manager – the gas – safe to be in the room while it works?

Yes, as long as you follow the instructions. The packets are time-released – built to release the gas over 20-30 days and get activated by moisture in the air. And there is only .003ppm. This amount is very safe for human and pet consumption. When up to 10 drops of water are added to the packet (a lot of moisture in a very short period of times), it will release more gas at a time and shorten the life of the packet. Being in a small enclosed area while it releases in 24 hours the amount of gas for 20-30 days can be a problem to breathe and you only want to stay in that area for no more than 10 minutes at a time.

9. Why do you have two odor eliminators – Magic and OdorXit Concentrate? Isn’t one enough?

It’s simple. You need both. Magic for the air and OdorXit Odor Eliminator for the cause!

10. How do I choose which OdorXit Product is right for me?

You can check out the Odor Wizard and find your odor and the right product there. The Odor Wizard will also tell you the steps to take to be sure you get rid of all your odor.

11. Not sure if the odor is 100% gone?

To test a room to be sure all the urine smell has been eliminated, mist water in the different areas in the room. If the urine smell comes back, find the area that still smells and spray more OdorXit solution on those spots.

Got more questions than what you see here? Give us a call on the help line 877-636-7948. We're more than happy to help!

Use OdorXit Eliminator & OdorXit Magic To Eliminate Odors