Eliminating Medical Odors

Remove Pet Odors

Common OdorXit Applications for Medical Odors

Running a veterinary clinic, doctor's office, a hospital or any other type of healthcare practice requires having a clean, well-sanitized space. With all of the smells that can occur in a medical setting, it is often easy to become overwhelmed with the prospect of keeping the area smelling fresh and odor-free. OdorXit makes it easy to keep a fresh-smelling practice, by offering a variety of solutions that conquer even the toughest of medical odors. Learn more about how OdorXit can solve your medical odor problems today.

Ostomy Odors

OdorXit Eliminates Pet Urine Odors Ostomy or colostomy bag ruptures can be very difficult to cleanup. The smell of the bags contents can be overwhelming. A few pumps of Magic by OdorXit in the area of the spill or leak will eliminate/absorb the odor nearly instantly, making the cleanup process much easier.

Removing Mattress Odors Caused by Illness

OdorXit Eliminates Wet Pet Odors Removing body odors from bedding and mattresses is a unique problem and requires a quite unique product to eliminate the odor. AQM can also be used occasionally where re-introduction of odor is continuing just to reduce the overall amount of odor. This will make the OdorXit Magic more effective and last longer per application.

Removing Other Odors Caused by Illness (Sick Room)

OdorXit Eliminates Dog Odors OdorXit has solutions to limit hospital odors, Magicis the first we recommend. It will absorb the offending odor and leave no fragrances of its own. Instead of spraying OdorXit Magic into the air, it is more effective to spray OdorXit Magic directly on to bed clothes, furniture, floors and walls.

Use OdorXit Eliminator & OdorXit Magic To Eliminate Medical Odors