Eliminating Odors from Flooring

Eliminate Cat Urine Odors

Tile floors, wood floors, cement floors, carpeted floors — each flooring type is unique, and each type has a specific way of holding onto odor-causing liquids and bacteria. When your floor is the source of your odor, you must first figure out which type of OdorXit product and what type of cleaning method will be most effective based on your flooring type.

Each OdorXit product is capable of handling odors caused by soiled floors in a different way. Read more about each and find thes best way to apply them to your flooring odor situation.

Common OdorXit Applications for Eliminating Flooring Odors

With a proven, non-toxic formula and years of dealing with feline odors, OdorXit has created the ultimate cat urine odor-eliminating solution. Learn more about OdorXit Eliminator and OdorXit Magic and how they can solve your toughest odor problems.



OdorXit Eliminator


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