OdorXit Magic

OdorXit Magic is freshly scented and absorbs/neutralizes odors in the air or on the go. Spray Magic into the air, or on surfaces where there are odors such as:
  • burned food odors
  • bathroom odors
  • sports odors
  • smoke smells
  • baby diapers
  • decaying mice
  • animal odors
You can even apply magic directly to your pet to eliminate body odors

Magic is a clear, nearly odorless liquid that absorbs smells good or bad like a sponge for up to two weeks. And like a sponge, when it becomes saturated it stops working.

You can keep it working by...spraying more product. This process can be extended forever if necessary. Magic often eliminates non-recurring odor permanently.

Its active ingredients include water and water soluble plant oil extracts (essential oils). Magic by OdorXit is safe for
  • babies
  • pets
  • parents
  • planet
It contains no bacteria, enzymes, volatile solvents, perfumes or masking agents. Magic is a totally different recipe than our OdorXit Concentrate product.

Magic by OdorXit
Bottle Size Sprays
2 oz. 375
8 oz. 1500
64 oz. 12,000
Magic by OdorXit neutralizer is a blend of non staining, non-toxic, biodegradable essential extracts that absorb and destroy malodor gasses on contact, leaving the air smelling fresh and clean. No dilution or mixing is necessary and no perfume fragrances are left behind.