Treating Concrete, Ceramic Tile and Basement Odors

Though concrete, tile and grout seems to be a hard, dense material, they are actually quite porous. This being the case, they can absorb large amounts of pet urine and fecal matter that can not be washed away. Eliminating these odors is quite simple with OdorXit.
When preparation to treat bare concrete with OdorXit, clean 3 by 3 foot areas with with Spic & Span or TSP (Real tri-Sodium Phosphate Preferred). Using a mop or sprayer, wet the area and keep it wet for 2 or 5 minutes (light scrubbing may help but is not necessary). Remove the spent cleaner with a sponge mop or wet/dry vacuum (preferred). Rinse the area with clean water several times removing the water between rinses with a mop or wet/dry vacuum. Do not flood large areas because some of the urine residue is water soluble, flooding the area will make the problem larger than it is already.
Wait 24 hours for the concrete or grout to dry thoroughly. If you treat the cleaned area while it is still wet from cleaning, the mercaptan gas being generated by the water in the concrete will blow the OdorXit solution out of the pours of the concrete.
Using a new (clean) deck sprayer with a fan spray nozzle will make your project go much smoother and the application of OdorXit much easier. Concrete responds much faster and effectively when carpet shampoo contain surfactant is added to the OdorXit/water solution. 2 or 3 parts carpet shampoo to 1 part OdorXit Concentrate. to 30 water works really well. The surfactants make the solution soak into the concrete much faster and deeper. Put enough solution on to keep the concrete wet (not damp) for at least 10 minutes (just re-spray the areas that dry out). You may notice small bubbles in the most heavily contaminated areas.
This is normal and the area should be noted so that it can be re-treated the next day if necessary. Finally, when using carpet shampoo with OdorXit, make up only as much as you can use immediately because the shampoo will disable the OdorXit in about 12 hours.
Treating Carpet and Tile Glued To Concrete
If you have urine contaminated Vinyl or asbestos tile or carpet glued to a concrete floor either in a basement or a living area it is almost always necessary to remove the tile or carpet, rubber backing and the glue to eliminate all of the odor. Multiple applications of urine will slowly penetrate the concrete under the tile, the rubber backing and glue combination of the carpet. OdorXit has to come in contact with all the urine residue left in the concrete, glue and rubber backing.
On tile floors it is often possible to determine exactly where the odors are coming from with bubble mix or gas leak detector or a mixture of dishwashing detergent and water. The water in the mixture accelerates the production of gas causing bubbles to be produced. The bubbles are formed over the joints between the tiles and over cracks in the tile. Mark or map on paper where the bubbles were produced remove and rinse the bubble mix away. Spraying the mixture mentioned above directly into the cracks or gaps where the bubbles occurred. It may take several applications of OdorXit solution over several days to eliminate all the odor. If this procedure fails the tile in the contaminated areas will need to be removed and the area treated more aggressively
The recovery procedure should follow this procedure:
  1. Removing the tile or carpet and rubber backing in the effected areas without attempting to remove the glue.(Removing the glue with a solvent, leaves a thin film of glue on the floor. This film acts like a water seal that keeps the OdorXit from penetrating the concrete, but does not stop the odor from entering the room.)
  2. Wash the area with Sic-N-Span or TSP.
  3. Spraying the area as described above with OdorXit, carpet cleaner and water. (Keep the area wet for 10 minutes)
  4. Once all the odor seems to be is eliminated, test the area by spraying a mist of plane water on the floor and wait 1 or 2 minutes to see if the urine odor returns. If it does, repeat step 3 in the problem area. If not, continue with your recovery/rehab efforts.

Persistent odor problems may require that the concrete be etched with phosphoric or hydrochloric acid to open the surface of the concrete. If you think you have this problem, Call our toll free help line for help! 1-877-odorxit (1-877-636-7948)
If you insist on using bleach products to clean and disinfect an area,
  1. Use liquid chlorine pool shock. It has a higher concentration of chlorine and does not have all the products to whiten and brighten your cloths.
  2. Do not use any chlorine bleach or cleaning product in combination with or in the presence of any ammonia product. Free chlorine gas is released! It is poison!
  3. Flooding the contaminated area with any water based product will dissolve some of the urine residue and spread it around, making the contaminated area larger than it was when you started. Use the minimum amount of water in your cleanup effort and use a mop or wet/dry vacuum to pick up the water to reduce the problem.
  4. Wait until any chlorine or oxygen based cleaning or bleaching product has completely dried before applying OdorXit. Chlorine and oxygen based products will disable OdorXit, detergents do not