How to Remove Urine Odors from Cement/Concrete

Remove Odors from Cement

The porous nature of concrete/cement makes it a great hiding place for liquids and bacteria, as well as the odors that come with them. All it takes is one pet mess on the front walk, garage, or basement floor to create a lingering odor that is difficult to fully eradicate.

Most household cleaners or enzyme products have difficulty penetrating the cement/concrete surface fully to remove every bit of odor. By using all-natural OdorXit products, and following the right steps, you can quickly and easily eliminate any trace of urine odor from concrete/cement floors or surfaces.

  • Removing Cat Urine from Cement/Concrete Floors
  • Removing Cat Urine from Cement/Concrete Floors
  • Removing Human Urine from Cement/Concrete Floors
With years of experience in handling urine odors on concreate and cement floors, OdorXit provides natural odor elimination solutions that work. Learn more about how OdorXit Eliminator and OdorXit Magic can help with your toughest odor problems.


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