Removing Skunk Spray From Dogs & Other Animals

OdorXit is guaranteed to remove skunk spray odor from dogs, cats and other pets! It can be used to remove skunk smell from any animal!

Step 1: Buy OdorXit Eliminator

Ready-To-Use 16oz

Concentrate - 4oz

Concentrate - 16oz

Concentrate - 64oz

Step 2: Bathe and rinse your pet as normal

Bathe and rinse the dog, cat or animal as you would normally using a vet approved mild soap.

Step 3: Prepare OdorXit Eliminator

Use Ready-To-Use OdorXit Eliminator or prepare OdorXit Eliminator by mixing one ounce of Concentrate with 32 ounces of warm water.

Step 4: Apply OdorXit Eliminator

Apply the solution to the pet using a sponge or small washcloth. Apply to the face, ears and chest – everywhere the dog or animal got sprayed. Avoid the inner ear, the eyes, and nose. Be sure to apply OdorXit with the direction of the fur as well as against it. It is important to coat the fur EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE the skunk sprayed.

Step 5: Let Sit For 5 Minutes Then Rinse & Dry

Let the OdorXit sit for 5 minutes then rinse and towel your pet dry and then allow your pet to finish drying naturally. When dry, the pet will be free of skunk odor.

Additional Steps: Eliminate skunk from your pet's face & breath

If your pet's breath still smells like skunk, open their mouth by holding their snout in a way that covers their eyes and wipe the washcloth inside of it's mouth. It’s OK, it won’t hurt them. OdorXit is safe and it still neutralizes inside the mouth. It is safe to wipe gently over your pets' eyes also!

Additional Steps: Reapply As Needed

If there is still a skunk odor, smell the dog’s fur. Locate where it smells and re-apply the OdorXit Eliminator to that area only. This is really important for dogs with wrinkles or folds in the fur.

The goal with OdorXit Eliminator is to make sure it comes into contact with the skunk spray and neutralizes the smell