Discover-How to Get Musty Smells Out of Furniture

Are musty smells in your house making your furniture and clothes STINK?

Stop holding your breath and hating being in your own home! Discover how to get rid of musty smells on your furniture and other belongings now!

Do you shop at yard sales or auctions like I do and often need to know how to get musty smell off of furniture, records or books or you won’t take them home? It’s a great deal. It’s an unusual piece, you really want it, but boy does it stink!

Have you ever bought a vintage piece of furniture, brought it home thinking you did know how to get rid of that musty smell, tobacco smoke smells or even dog body odor only to find what you thought you knew didn’t work? The odor didn’t stay away?

Here are four methods we found on the internet to get musty smell out of your furniture - but four of them will only last for a short period of time. The actually just mask the musty odor. They will however, cover up the musty smell, tobacco smoke smell, body odor long enough for our jaw dropping, unbelievable fifth method to arrive in the mail.

Short cut to our Method:

What the blogs say on how to get musty smell out of furniture

1. “Dryer sheets”. If that is what you have on hand and friends are on their way to your house, yes, use them. It will mask the odor. But not forever.

2. “Baking soda”. It will mask or absorb musty smells for a short period of time. Sprinkled it on the furniture or carpet and sweep. The smell will be back.
3. “Murphy’s Oil Soap”. This is a cleaner that cleans the surface of the wood. It won’t get rid of the roots of the mold so the mold will grow back and so will the smell.

4. “Paint”. A sealer such as Kilz. And yes – it will seal the odor in …for a while.

5. And the fifth and permanent answer is:

Oxidize it – don’t cover up the musty smell on your furniture, clothes, records, car or anything!

1. OdorXit’s AQM – Air Quality Manager. It will totally eliminate the musty smell, smoke smell, body odor, mothball smell, even allergens in the air from pets or dustmites. The roots in the wood from mold or mildew will be oxidized and not come back. AQM is an oxidizer – (add oxygen and eliminate). It will oxidize:

 · Musty smells,

 · Burned food smells,

 · Smoke,

 · Cooking odors,

· Tobacco smoke,

· Mold and mildew odor,

· Mothball odor

 · Even dog odor

 · Dust mites

 · And many others

in as little as 48 hours. And, if you continue to smoke or your dog continues to lay on the carpet and furniture with you this tiny pack of powder will oxidize the additional odor for up to 30 days. No Kidding!

If you have a musty smell on your furniture or if you can actually see mold growing on the piece you are facing serious damage to the piece plus health consequences by not oxidizing the problem.

Is getting rid of musty smells in my furniture really this easy?

Actually it is. And if you’re thinking, my buddy owns an ozone machine. He can do it for me…for free. BAD IDEA. And ozone machine is dangerous and our AQM packets – when you follow our instructions – are not dangerous, easier and you can be in the room while they work. Plus the odors will not come back.

You’ve already painted to get musty smell out of furniture

That’s ok! The great part is, if you have already painted your vintage piece and do like the outcome except for the smell has come back, these miracle packets will still oxidize the odor THROUGH the paint. The process is exactly the same. It will just take longer. Four to five weeks to eliminate the smell instead of 4-5 days.

The AQM will not harm the paint, the furniture, you or anything else in the room. It is your one stop product for odors of many kinds! Get yours now and breathe easier right away.

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If you have more questions, call the odor experts at 1-877-Odor X it (636-7948).

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"I bought an older boat and had no idea I would be dealing with rotten, moldy food on the galley, diesel smells in the engine room and a leaking black water holding bladder. I had tried everything and nothing worked. After following the advise "Get rid of the source first" and applying OdorXit as instructed, my guests smell nothing but cheese and wine on my deck. Thanks OdorXit!" Fernando Sousa, San Diego CA