Three Ways to Remove Cat Litter Box Odor!

The Big Factor to Remove Cat Litter Box Odor There are so many products on the market that claim to remove cat litter box odor. We are going to show you our product and prove it is the best product to completely remove the cat litter box odor without all the perfumes that only cover […] The post Three Ways to Remove Cat Litter Box Odor! appeared first on Odor Removal for Just About Everything.

The Big Factor to Remove Cat Litter Box Odor

There are so many products on the market that claim to remove cat litter box odor. We are going to show you our product and prove it is the best product to completely remove the cat litter box odor without all the perfumes that only cover the odor.

You will probably not be surprised that expensive perfumed and/or chemically loaded litters or even more expensive motorized self cleaning litter boxes are not the way to remove odors in your litter box. They get rid of or hide the litter but not so much the odor. So you’ll need to know manual ways and other ways to remove cat litter box odor.

There is one really big factor to control or remove cat litter box odor and a couple of smaller factors.

What Do You Put Into Your Cat?

The really big factor is what you put into your cat, and how much of it you put in. Yes – their food. But we are going to start with removing litter box odor immediately.

This is Way #3.  Start with the end in mind.

  • Empty and scrape the cat litter box .
  • Sniff it. I know. It’s awful!
  • Then spray enough OdorXit Odor Eliminator (or OdorXit Concentrate and add water) to get the whole bottom of the box wet. This is the main step to removing cat litter box odor anywhere. 
  • Wait 30 seconds. Ok, so it’s not EXACTLY immediate.
  • Then sniff again. The putrid cat litter box odor is gone. And there is no floral scent covering it up.

And the cat urine smell won’t come back. Until the cat pees or poops in the box again.

OdorXit Concentrate is an excellent product, highly recommended to get rid of cats’ urine smell. A Iapichino *
*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren’t typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

That in itself if pretty hard to believe. And only your nose will tell you. My words are just that. Words. So do the remove cat litter box odor test yourself! Invest in our most inexpensive bottle here and convince yourself.

Way #1. (Back to the beginning) You love your cat so your going to feed it. Your cat will insist on it too. Just be careful how much you feed it and the quality of their food. However, no matter what you put in a cat, due to their digestive system, it comes out smelly. At some point you will have to remove cat litter box odor. But more about their food and Way #1 in a minute.

Did you know that in the wild, other predators don’t eat cat? Mountain lion, panther, cheetah, leopard, when they lose a fight their predator does not eat the kill. Their digestive track is enough different it makes everything inside smell bad. Probably taste bad too. I don’t have any first hand information on that. So whatever comes out smells bad. So we are back to the question, is there some other way to reduce or remove cat litter box odor because it’s always going to be there? 

Way #2

Cat box cleaning routines

We believe in non-clumping litter – Oil Dry preferably. Yes – the one used to absorb oil on garage floors with very little dust.

No perfumes, no chemicals and very little dust to clog the cats’ respiratory system. And OdorXit Concentrate and Magic by OdorXit. 

  • Empty the litter box once a week. No scooping two or three times a day like other brands. And if you don’t scoop every time the cat uses the box, there is a great chance you cat is peeing ‘outside the box’.
  • Spray with OdorXit Concentrate and water mixed one ounce concentrate to four ounces of water to remove cat litter box odor.
  • That’s right. You will remove cat litter box odor. You like it. The cat likes it. No more cat urine odor in your litter box…until the cat uses the box again.

So how do you remove the new odor cats leave until you change the litter box again?

That’s easy too. Magic by OdorXit .

Magic by OdorXit will absorb the new odors from the new cat treasures left in the litter box for most of the week. It depends on how many cats are using the box as to how long the odor is gone. So you may have to re-spray Magic in the litter box in the middle of the week. Want to know some other uses for Magic by OdorXit? Click Here.

But it’s OK. The cats don’t mind. Both products are water and essentials oils. They have different essentials oils – that’s why they work differently. But they both have no fragrances so the cats will still use the litter box and you will be confident your cats are happy and you will still safely remove cat litter box odor.

Steps to Use Magic by OdorXit

You’ve already:

  • Sprayed the box with Odorxit Concentrate and water
  • Added the Oil Dry for your dust-less kitty litter. Now,
  • Spray the kitty litter, the sides of the box, the lid if you have one and even the outside of the box.

The Magic will absorb the new odors till almost weeks’ end. You’ve got

  • Your cat to pee inside the box, Less work for you
  • You can think about the litter box once a week
  • Spend less on cat litter. And …

Be totally safe. No chemicals, no toxins, no fragrances. Just safe and effective odor removal. No one will know a cat or cats live in your house! 

Still Getting Really Stinky Poop? It could be their food. Back to Way #1

As you are well aware, there are very many brands and types of wet and dry cat food. They can range from inexpensive to incredible expensive. Some contain all kind of fillers, extenders, flavorings, additives, vitamins, and slaughterhouse scrap or otherwise UN-marketable body parts of the source animals. Others contain only high quality meat, grain, and other things that are supposed to be good for cats. And of course, there are a huge bunch that fit between the limits. Even some that are grain and gluten free.

The real question is; would you eat the stuff that is proudly identified on the contents label of your cats food containers, and more importantly, will your cat eat it and thrive on it?

Well, like you, I’m not a cat, and I’m not at all sure that I would eat what I feed my two cats. But:

  • They seem to like it and they are thriving on it
  • Their weight is stable
  • They have lots of energy
  • There’s no reason to take them to the vet every month or so, and
  • The food does not cost me a fortune.
  • And most importantly their excrement does not stink up my house or their litter box too badly, though I do take positive actions to remove the cat litter box odor weekly.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not a vet or doctor of any kind, nor do I play one on TV. What I am trying to relate to you is that feeding your cat is not rocket science. But knowing what you’re putting into your cat will help you when it’s time to remove cat litter box odor.

Take our advice. Your cats will love you for it. Have your own litter box odor story? Tell us about it! 

When you’re ready to do the 1-2 punch to get rid of your kitty box litter odors, get both products! You’ll remove cat litter box odor for you and your cats all week long.