Removing Urine on Area Rugs at Home


Info To Know To Remove Urine On Area Rugs

Step 1: If the urine is still wet, carefully blot as much up as possible without putting much pressure on the urine (so it doesn't soak deeper in the rug) to remove urine in area rugs or an oriental rug. The urine won’t wash off with water and as the urine dries, it forms salt crystals. As you remove urine from oriental rugs with another liquid, OdorXit Concentrate and water , you don’t want the urine to run and affect other areas of the rug during the salt removal and OdorXit use process.

Step 2: Clean the contaminated area with:

  • 1 part OdorXit Concentrate
  • 2 parts carpet cleaner surfactant
  • 30 parts water
in a carpet cleaning machine, and to spray the back of the carpet.

When The Contamination Area Is Bigger

Assuming that the carpet is still small enough - one that can be hung over a porch railing or fence – and you have the right equipment:
  • Carefully hang the carpet over a fence or railing so that the affected area you are treating is the lower most part near the ground. Be sure there are no wrinkles or folds in the carpet.
  • Saturate the affected area (front and back) with the same mixture as above.
  • Wait for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the affected area with cold water using a hose with a nozzle.
  • Let the area dry naturally and not in the sun.

Use OdorXit Eliminator & OdorXit Magic To Eliminate Rug Odors