How to Remove Urine on Area Rugs Safely and at Home

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You need to know how to remove urine on area rugs because your dog or cat has peed on your expensive oriental rug. Ugh! 

Your animals wanted your attention. Unfortunately, it came at a cost to your precious area rug. And removing urine on area rugs or an oriental rug can be scary because they were expense, often one of a kind, sentimental, and you don’t want it ruined!

  • Many area rugs have never been treated with stain resistant or Scotch guard type material. So the urine residue is able to build up in the carpet nap and backing before you even know there’s a problem.
  •  Area carpets don’t get laid over padding so the backing is where all the urine is stored. This results in a very high level of urine (wet or dry) laying in the carpet backing that must be neutralized or removed to stop the odor.

Info to know to remove urine on area rugs

Step 1:  If the urine is still wet, carefully blot as much up as possible without putting much pressure on the urine (so it doesn't soak deeper in the rug) to remove urine in area rugs or an oriental rug. The urine won’t wash off with water and as the urine dries, it forms salt crystals. As you remove urine from oriental rugs with another liquid, OdorXit Concentrate and water , you don’t want the urine to run and affect other areas of the rug during the salt removal and OdorXit use process.

Remove urine on your area rug or oriental rug confined to a small area : When you need to remove urine from area carpeting or an oriental rug in just a small area, clean the contaminated area with:

  • 1 part OdorXit Concentrate,
  • 2 parts carpet cleaner containing surfactant and
  • 30 parts water in a
  • home carpet cleaning machine
And use this same combination to:

  • spray or clean the back of the carpet.
This will sometimes be effective though it is not always.

Hi Martin. I am the one who needed to remove urine on oriental rugs where the rug is too large for me to handle by myself. But with your coaching over the phone and a little help from my neighbor, we submerged the urine filled area only of my oriental rug in a small kids swimming pool filled with OdorXit Concentrate and water. We kept the rug in the solution for about five minutes to be sure all the urine was touched by the solution to neutralize the urine. We took it out and used clean water to rinse that area. After it dried, no more odor. The carpet was useless if I couldn’t get the odor out and the professionals had all tried their special chemicals and still had the odor. Thanks so much Martin for OdorXitand your help. My oriental rug smells and looks like new! Marjorie S. NY.

When you need to remove urine on are rugs or oriental rugs and the contamination area is bigger,

Large area urine removal:

  • more stains on the back of the carpet and floor and the
  • contaminated area is near the edge or corner
you’ll need a different process.

In all cases, it is very important that some OdorXit solution come in direct contact with all of the odor causing agents. If the OdorXit solution dries before it soaks into all the contaminated area, the odor will not be completely eliminated.
My grandson stayed home from school last week because he was so sick. At one point he couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time and threw up on my new white carpet. I had OdorXit on hand and followed the instruction you had on your website. The OdorXit Concentrate actually did get all the odor out. I am really grateful…it did smell bad. Janet G. Whittier, CA*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren’t typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

If the carpet is too large for you to handle easily or the affected area is not near the edge, do not attempt the following procedure.

Assuming that the carpet is small enough -one that can be hung over a porch railing or fence – and you have the right equipment,

  • Carefully hang the carpet over a fence or railing so that the affected area you are treating is the lower most part near the ground. Be sure there are no wrinkles or folds in the carpet.
  • Saturate the affected area (front and back) with the same mixture as above. Stronger solutions really won’t work better.
  • Wait for 10 to 20 minutes and
  • thoroughly rinse the affected area with cold water using a hose with a nozzle.
  • Let the area dry naturally and not in the sun.
  • Force the rug to drying can cause shrinkage that you won’t be able to repair and it will cause the carpet to bunch and not lie flat on the floor.
If you have more questions on how to remove urine on oriental rugs, don’t hesitate to call our help line at 877-636-7948. We are happy to help!