Remove Cat Urine Smell from Hardwood Floors

Are You Frustrated Because You Can’t Remove Cat Urine Smell from Hardwood Floors?

You’ve used the after Using the Popular Products and they aren’t getting the smell out either. Your cat missed the litter box again and now you need to remove cat urine smell from hardwood floors. It’s not the first time he’s missed the box, but it is enough times that when people walk in your house they smell that a cat lives there.

You’ve tried lots of products. The odor sponges, the floor cleaners and enzymes. They all say they do get the odor out, but how did they work for you? How much time and effort have you put in using the products then trying to find another product that actually does what it promises because the first one didn’t work?

Sometimes there is a floral fragrance left to cover up and not remove cat urine smell from hardwood floors. Sometimes you think it is a battle you just can’t win – to remove cat urine smell from hardwood floors – without ruining the finish or just removing the smell forever. Or damaging your lungs. How about the products that gets odors away but can cause central nervous system and respiratory depression, gastrointestinal tract and kidney impairment. And I’m guessing that is for you or the cat. Ummm. Not the one I want to try.

What about removing the damaged floor? There’s a suggestion you don’t want to hear or spend the money to take care of. Then there is always getting rid of the animal.

What if I told you about a product that really does remove the cat urine smell from hardwood floors?

And does it safely to the floor and to your lungs?

I know, you’ve heard it before. But our help line (877-636-7948), manual and ingredients are what makes OdorXit Products different. That and the fact our OdorXit Concentrate really does remove cat urine smell from hardwood floors.

OdorXit Concentrate has to come in contact with all the urine to remove all the smell. Miss a spot of urine when you spray? You will still have some smell. Spray all the urine, between the floor boards, behind the toe strips, baseboards and remove any ‘black’ or rusty tack strips, the smell will be gone.

Remove Cat Urine Smell in Hardwood Floors*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren’t typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.
Other places for urine to hide which will contribute to the smell:

  • Got duct work on the floor?  Spray there. It looks like a convenient litter box to a cat.
  • Got cabinets that don’t reach all the way to the ceiling? Spray there. Cats love to sit there. And they are lazy by nature, so they pee where they are. On the cabinets and behind them. I know, it stinks. But if you want to remove cat urine smell from hardwood floors and the rest of the house, these are the other places you need to spray, and look or sniff for odor.
  • Have you sprayed on the bottom side of the door? You know, the cat hikes his leg on the door marking his territory to the outside cat. The scent or pee runs down the door then across the bottom of the door. That side is usually unpainted. So the urine absorbs into the door and smells worse. And hides. You need to spray more there.
  • Did you know cats pee mostly around the edges of a room or in the corners?  Spray there mostly.
  • If you’ve tried all these things and you still have odors, it is time to call the Odor Experts at our office. They will give you personal help and instructions on where to look next to remove cat urine smell from hardwood floors. It’s ok. Really. Call. They want to help!


  • Once you’ve gotten rid of the all the smell, there is no reason to seal the floor. the smell is gone and it won’t come back! In fact, once you seal the floor and it still smells, you can no longer spray the urine so the smell will stay there until you sand off the paint and spray the urine.

By Cats4NY

OdorXit almost immediately eliminates the nasty smell of cat urine . I have used it on various surfaces and it does the job. I have used other products, but they didn’t kill the odor immediately. Follow the instructions that come with OdorXit, it is a different product than the enzyme cleaners. You have to clean the area first with an appropriate cleaner and then spray the OdorXit. I didn’t mind the extra work because the cat urine odor was completely gone after I finished spraying the OdorXit and I felt the surface was really clean. The only negative thing is that it does have a strong odor of its own, which does dissipate after awhile, but, in my opinion, it is a heck of a lot better than cat urine odor.*
*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren’t typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

OdorXit Concentrate mixed 4 ounces of Concentrate mixes with one gallon of water to spray one large bedroom. There is no need for your or your pets to leave the room while you spray. It’s safe for your skin and even a dog’s fur – it’s OdorXit Essentials. Spray it everywhere there is cat urine and you will remove cat urine smell from hardwood floors completely.