How to Remove Odors from Books Easily

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How to Remove Odors From Books and Documents Including Mold, Mildew and Even Smoke Has Never Been Easier!

For as long as there have been words printed on paper mold has been busy trying to undo what man has done. And until recently man or library scientists have been fighting the good fight and for the most part winning. And though we may be winning, the price to discover how to remove odors from books has been very high.

Up until 2000, the process to remove odors from books has included: Lysol spray, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, respirators, hours and hours of manual labor, dryer sheets, baking soda, plastic bags, and coffee grounds.

The results were less than helpful. Using stronger chemicals to actually kill the mold and spores were always a liquid and when they evaporated, the powder left was poison. Spraying any liquid on paper caused damage of the paper, damaging the book and its cover.

Discovering how to remove odors from books became easier:

After a 2000 study about keeping mold out of library books, a new patent created a CLO2 vapor. Not a liquid. It came in a small package and releases small amounts of vapor at a time to oxidize or remove odors from books such as mold, mildew, smoke and more without harming paper, fabric or hard surfaces. AQM by OdorXit – Air Quality Manager – is perfect for totally oxidizing and removing mold, smoke, etc. safely from books, records and any stored items that now hold odors or mold spores.

When the right size packet is used in the right size room, it’s also safe to be in the room while it is working and breathe the vapor. This works in other enclosed areas too.

Use OdorXit AQM & OdorXit MOMS To Eliminate Book Odors