Can I use OdorXit in the Washing Machine?


This is a great question. I got this question, can I use OdorXit in the washing machine, from a visitor to the website. So here goes for the answer! Do your clothes sometimes smell the same as the floor where the cats or dogs peed? Maybe you or your loved one is incontinent. They might be getting up in age and control of the bladder is less than is desired. And you do need something to get odors out of your washable clothes.

Embarrassed because you should have put OdorXit in the washing machine

Often just using your regular detergent doesn’t get rid of all the smell and you get embarrassed because your clothes don’t smell fresh and clean. What can you do?

If you’re already using OdorXit Concentrate, you probably did receive a copy of our Odor bible. It describes the right way to clean all your surfaces before using OdorXit so you can get the most odor (all) out of your soiled items. Whether it is carpet, couches, drapes or even clothes you want all the odor gone.

So YES! You can use OdorXit in the washing machine.

It’s easy to get the smell out with OdorXit Concentrate. Just add one ounce of OdorXit to the washing machine with your load of washables. Some people are pretty amazed that OdorXit will do so much…and not harm any fabric. Let the load agitate for 15 minutes and your clothes will come out smelling fresh and clean. And the smell won’t be back!

OdorXit Concentrate is made of water and essential oils – so it doesn’t harm your belongings. If plain water will harm your belongings, that’s the only time you have to worry about using OdorXit. Because OdorXit must have even more water added to it to get rid of the odor. No harsh chemicals, no fragrances are ever added to OdorXit Concentrate.

Paper products can be ruined by water and..

Paper, boxes, material/fabric that wouldn’t be colorfast due to the many dies used today. That’s about the only items that OdorXit will harm – just because they can’t tolerate water. Everything else can get the odor removed easily with OdorXit.

It will even get the smells out of dry clean only clothes. So don’t be afraid to use OdorXit in the washing machine. Just add your detergent at the same time as the clothes and OdorXit and agitate the washer for at least 15 minutes. When you take your clothes out will be smelling fresh and clean!

Dry cleanable clothes can use OdorXit too

Dry cleanable clothes just need the OdorXit and water applied to the area where the odor is. Let it dry completely and be sure the entire odor is out before you take it to the dry cleaners. If the odor isn’t completely gone, do the process a second time. That will get rid of the odor and no one will ever know that your cat had a accident on your favorite sweater or blouse.

Use OdorXit Eliminator & Magic To Eliminate Musty Odors