Learn How to Remove Odor in Clothing and Other Fabrics Easily


Did you know your clothes don’t have to smell from urine accidents or even body odor? I bet you do know laundry detergents don’t get all the odors out. So I called the OdorXit help line. They told me exactly how to remove odor in clothing and other fabrics too.

My dog likes to hike his leg and pee on my couch or curtains when we’re not home on time. I didn’t notice it until the smell got pretty bad. In fact, the neighbor noticed it. Ugh! How embarrassing. So I did need to learn how to remove odor in clothing and other fabrics like my husband’s favorite couch!

Easy Odor Removal

  • Add just an ounce to the washing machine with my detergent and my clothes.
  • Be sure the washer agitated for at least 10 minutes and 15 or 20 minutes was even better. Or if it’s a front loader, hit pause so the clothes, soap and OdorXit will soak.
  • Let the washer finish its cycles like normal.
  • Then put the clothes in the dryer or hang them up as usual.

It was that easy. The process was simple and the smell was gone. It was amazing. The washer smelled better too. The smell of OdorXit didn’t linger either. I sprayed the solution, OdorXit Concentrate mixed with water (4 ounces of OdorXit to 1 gallon of water) on the drapes as well as saturated the couch when my furry friend marked. All the smell was gone. It was a simple answer to a question I’d never had an answer to before. What did I do so me or my house isn’t stinky? OdorXit! It was perfect!

Use OdorXit Eliminator & Magic To Eliminate Fabric Odors