How to Remove Mice Odor in your RV or House Ducts


Are you finding dead mice and mice pee in your furnace duct work in your house, car or RV? It’s warm there and the mice like it! They live, have babies, and die there. So it could be stinky. And you’ll need a little different set up than just spraying an odor eliminator there. OdorXit Concentrate can do it but how do you get the spray to all the urine and decaying bodies to get rid of the mice pee smell in your ducts or air vents? It will take a little ingenuity but it can be done! Here’s our Odor Wizard’s prescribed method.

Here’s our Odor Wizard’s prescribed method.

  • Create a 1:30 OdorXit Concentrate to water mixture
  • Fill a garden pump with the mixture
  • Spray the pump along the entire track of the cavity where the odor is located
If there were mice nests in the cavity, remove as much of the nest and droppings as possible before you treat the area.

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