Give Your Fridge and Freezer An ODOR Makeover!

Odor Problems associated with improper food storage are actually much more common than most people realize. Each year, there are over seventy million cases of foodborne illness in just the United States.

There are multiple factors that contribute to this huge number of cases, including the risk that goes along with eating food that has been stored in refrigerators warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since having an overly packed fridge and freezer can make it more challenging to maintain a consistent temperature, the first step you should take is going through each area and clearing out old items. If you have doubts about how long something has been in there or the way it smells, err on the side of caution and toss it out.

Speaking of smells, odors can seem like an unavoidable problem if you’ve had your fridge and freezer for awhile. Fortunately, there is a reliable way to get rid of all the unwanted odors that can arise from inside your appliances. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

How to Use OdorXit to Rejuvenate Your Fridge and Freezer

It’s not uncommon for fridges and freezers that are currently in use to develop some strange odors. And if either appliance has been turned off and left closed, you’re going to have some very strong odors to combat.

Because the odors that arise in a fridge or freezer that’s currently running generally aren’t as stubborn, you should be able to use OdorXit Magic to vanquish them. Simply spray this awesome product onto the surfaces where the odors seem to be coming from. Keep in mind that Magic can only absorb a finite amount of odor causing gas. So if a smell persists, just give it time to dry and then spray again. Once you’ve applied the right amount, you can count on long-lasting odor relief.

If you’re dealing with a fridge or freezer that has been turned off and closed, you’re going to need OdorXit Concentrate to conquer these really tough odors. It’s generally easiest to handle this process outside. Start by completely defrosting the unit. You can then wash the interior with detergent and hot water. Once you’ve rinsed it out, wipe it completely dry.

Now you’re ready to harness the power ofOdorXit Concentrate. You’ll want to mix 1 ounce of Concentrate into 1 quart (32 ounces) of water. Then spray the fridge or freezer’s entire interior with this mixture. Interior and gasket seams are hotspots for trapped odors, so be sure to hit those well. The same is true if your fridge has a hole in the back or the freezer features vents.

Once you’ve usedConcentrateacross all surfaces, close the appliance’s doors and leave it for a day. When you come back, open the doors to air it out and then your appliance will be free of terrible odors. This entire process should only take about an hour, and means you’ll be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by not needing to replace your appliance!

Are you ready to make the leap into our all natural-no enzyme, guaranteed, odor eliminator and not replace your refrigerator of hundreds of dollars? It’s easy to purchase OdorXit products today byvisiting our product page!