Your Guide to Eliminating Bathroom Odors

Remove Urine Odors

Strong bathroom odors can be irritating and embarrassing. This is just as true for a homeowner who’s having guests over as it is for a business or commercial building owner. Off the shelf air fresheners only mask the smell for a moment. And most cleaning detergents only help as far as removing any visible urine stains on the floor, but may not remove the odor permanently.

OdorXit Magic is great for general odor removal in any bathroom setting. For toilet overflows, vomit or urine on the floor, OdorXit Eliminator Concentrate works incredibly well. With a surface like ceramic tile, mix OdorXit Eliminator Concentrate and water. Then spray the entire surface, including the toilet bowl and under the tank. Allow it to settle for about 15 minutes, then clean and rinse the area. Because bathroom odors can present some challenging scenarios, we’ve got some additional helpful tips to share:

Find the Source of a Leak

Leaking faucets may cause under-cabinets to swell and rot, with mildew growth on others. The basement, laundry room, and bathroom are the most common leaking points, with the dumpy air encouraging bad odors. Your first step in eliminating the odor is to locating the source, whether it’s from a leaking toilet tank or a dripping overhead shower. Then you can fix it and use OdorXit to flush out any bad odors.

Re-Caulk Worn-Out Joints

Caulk Caulking, applied to joints, runs along the bathroom tiles or even along the walls. As the caulk wears out and becomes porous, it absorbs bad odors and toilet spill over. Routine cleaning may not help much, but re-caulking can save the day. Use an X-Acto knife to remove the old caulk and inject a fresh one along the tile lines. Bathroom caulk is available at your local hardware store. Be sure to regularly clean off the surface with OdorXit once the caulk sets.

Trap the Odors

Trap Spray about two to three pumps of Magic by OdorXit into any toilet bowl and the bottom of the seat. You can then close the lid to absorb the pungent smell from your toilet.

Animal Lovers Will Love Magic by OdorXit

Animals Even though there are a lot of wonderful things that pets bring into a home, they are often one of the biggest culprits for bad odors. Fortunately, OdorXit completely cleans out any pet urine from your floor or other surfaces and fully eliminates the stinky odor within just a few minutes after application.

Use OdorXit Eliminator & OdorXit Magic To Eliminate Bathroom Odors