Eliminating Odors in Horns

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Use OdorXit To Remove Hard to Reach Horn Odors

Odors produced by Horns are often difficult but not impossible to eliminate. The problem is that they are thick and often have a large amount of odor producing material inside and in the horn material itself. In many cases the horns are already glued onto a form base that makes getting to the odor source much more difficult. Eliminating the odor in un mounted horns is just a matter of soaking them in a normal 1:30 solution of OdorXit and water for a few hours. Make sure that the horns are positioned so that the OdorXit can get into the cavity inside the horn. After soaking, allow the horns to dry completely. Check carefully for remaining odor and, if necessary, repeat the process. It's much easier to fix the problem now than later.

Eliminating the odor in mounted horns can be a much more difficult process. Start with OdorXit diluted 1:16 with water, and spray the exterior of the horns . If repeated spraying eliminates the odor, all is well. However, it is possible that you will be the need to treat the interior of the horn as well.

Treating the interior of the horns requires that you drill several small holes in each horn (1/16" or less depending on the syringe you have available) . Using a large (100-200ml) syringe, inject OdorXit diluted 1:16 with water into the horns. Remember, you need a place for the air the OdorXit displaced to escape. Injecting 100 ml of OdorXit solution into each horn should be enough to do the job. But, depending on the size of the horns and the amount of odor causing material inside, you may have to repeat this treatment.

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