OdorXit Case Studies

Case studies about situations where OdorXit eliminated odors, product safety, creative applications for OdorXit, how to use OdorXit for maximum effectiveness, and more.


Almost New Carpet

Dealing with a sick pet is always difficult. It is even tougher when their condition impacts the cleanliness and odor of your home. In this study, OdorXit came to the aid of a family who had a cat with a urinary tract infection, and soiled carpet.

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Expensive Cover-Up

Moving into a new house is exciting. In the winter months, however, pet and other odors in a newly purchased can be undectable, and do not emerge until spring. In this case study, OdorXit helps a new homeowner deal with such an odor issue.

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Pet Urine Odor in Flooring

Pet urine can not only ruin carpet, but can also sink into the flooring beneath the carpet and stain the walls, causing a lingering and hard to treat odor. OdorXit effectively deals with this problem in many situations, including in rental homes where the problem may have gone untrated for some time.

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Major Rehab Effort

Rehabbing old houses and apartments is a major unertaking...especially when there are years of bad odors involed. OdorXit makes removing these odors quick and simple, leaving you more time to work on other aspects of your renovation.

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