Major Rehab Effort

The Story:

  • A very old, very solid apartment building with major cat urine and spray contamination on floor and 3 walls of a small bedroom (a real eye burner)
  • Tenant had 10 to 15 cats from time to time that stayed mostly in the pictured room.
  • Period of contamination was more than 5 years.
  • Entire apartment was wall to wall carpet and padding which was still wet in many places when removed.
  • The letters in the pictures always refer to the same area of the room to help you orient what your are looking at.
Major Rehab Effort Major Rehab Effort

The Rest of the Story

The conclusions that can be drawn from this example are quite clear.
  • Long term and repeated urine application to walls and flooring can and does cause considerable damage which OdorXit can not reverse. Disposing of the unrecoverable flooring, trim and drywall and spraying what remains is far more cost effective than replacing everything that smells like urine.
  • Allowing long term tenants to have even 1 or 2 (not 10 or 15) cats requires close supervision and frequent inspections to avoid this kind of damage.
  • This whole apartment smelled very bad because of this room and the hallway leading to this room were heavily contaminated with urine and hormonal spray. It was clearly unmistakable. However, when doing inspections check all the rooms!
  • This study is meant to demonstrate that urine contamination can do serious damage to flooring and structural members. The source of this type of staining is by no means limited to pets.
Please do not take this case study or its conclusion as an indictment of cats or pets in general. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE ONE! I have a dog and 2 cats pictured on this site, and would not trade them for anything. They also do not foul my house.