What Is OdorXit

What Is OdorXit

OdorXit Products are Safe for People, Pets and the Planet.

All OdorXit® liquid products contain no bactericide, no genetically modified bacteria or enzymes, no oxidizers, olfactory desensitizers, perfumes or masking scents.

OdorXit® Concentrate uses a complex and proprietary mixture of water soluble organic salts and oils that when they come in direct contact with odor causing agents, neutralizes the agent using one or more of its unique 3 part contact chemistry:

Counteraction. It pairs with many odors to neutralize the odor.

Absorption. Physically penetrates many odor causing substances and converts them into other byproducts that have no odor.

Bonding. Physically binds to many odor causing substances changing them forever into non odor producing byproducts.

OdorXit Concentrate works quickly to permanently eliminates odors from where they are found. If the area is re-contaminated. OdorXit Concentrate must be re-applied.

OdorXit® Magic uses a mixture of water soluble organic essential oils that absorb most of the gasses we perceive to be bad odors using absorption technology.

Absorption. Physically penetrates many odor causing substances and converts them into other byproducts that have no odor.

OdorXit Magic is a very fast acting, and long lasting odor control product. It starts working in seconds, and if not washed away, can continue to be effective for up to 12 weeks per application.

OdorXit® AQM - Air Quality Manager CLO2 Packets are supplied in a very special and patented tyvek reactor packet that contain 16% sodium chlorite and 84% of one or more of several crystalline and hygroscopic acids and buffers depending on the specific intended application. When the reactor packet is removed from its air tight mylar packet in an environment of 40% relative humidity or more, a reaction producing pure chlorine dioxide gas and table salt is started. Depending on the amount of water vapor or liquid water the reactor packet is exposed to, the packets will produce CLO2 gas for as little as 30 minutes or as long at 30 days. (The more water the faster the gas is produced).

Submerging any of the packets in hot water can cause the packets to produce a popping sound which can make the water splash harmlessly.
odorxit safe and green
OdorXit Concentrate is safe and green!

OdorXit Concentrate is a clear, naturally scented (not perfumed) liquid that neutralizes the source of organic odors where they are found. It is made of safe and effective organic water soluble plant salts and essential oils (not VOC's).

Simple to use and highly effective for all clothing, bedding, furniture and hard floor applications in homes, boats, RV's, kennels, catteries, rest rooms and many other areas where odors exist.

OdorXit Concentrate neutralizes the source of organic odor producing materials. 

OdorXit Concentrate can be safely sprayed onto any water tolerant, color fast fabric, carpet, concrete, coolers, dirt, drywall, furniture, leather, plaster, plastic, refrigerators, skin and wood.

OdorXit’s natural scent is short lived and can be easily neutralized after use. OdorXit Concentrate is safe to use around all pets and children.

OdorXit Concentrate will permanently neutralize the odors of:
  • urine
  • feces
  • vomit
  • dead animals
  • rotting meat
  • fish
  • skunk spray
  • rotting vegetables
  • stale beer
  • decaying dead body odor
  • and a wide variety of other organic odors
OdorXit Concentrate can be applied to many surfaces and materials including but not limited to:
  • fabrics
  • flooring
  • walls
  • furniture
  • clothing
  • pet fur
  • and much more .
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