odorxit eliminator

College & Sports Package



Item: Size:
Pocket Size Magic Spray(x2) 2 oz.
Magic Spray 8 oz.
Ready to Use Eliminator 16 oz.
Eliminator Concentrate 16 oz.
MOMS 5 g.
16 oz. empty spary bottle for MOMS

Between school, college, and sports - gear, clothing, and equipment that is used frequently may start to produce an odor that seems to be impossible to get rid of. Sports gear can be difficult to clean - even after it is washed multiple times, it may still smell bad. Some equipment, such as shoulder pads, may not be able to fit in the washing machine, or may not be able to be machine-washed. Bacteria deep within the material may continually produce odors from within the fabric, even after washing it. With the new OdorXit school and college sports package, these problems are easy to take care of, and our various OdorXit products will get rid of the toughest of sports odors.

How To Use The College & Sports Package

  • Pocket-size Magic - Use pocket size OdorXit Magic spray for faint or on-the-go odors.
  • Magic - Magic can be used for sports bags, lightly used equipment, and dorm rooms with a lingering smell.
  • RTU Eliminator - Use eliminator for shoes and other accessories.
  • OdorXit Concentrate - OdorXit Concentrate can be used along with detergent to aid in washing uniforms or loads of laundry. This Concentrate can also be used for refilling the RTU Eliminator spray bottle.
  • MOMS - MOMS can be used in many ways to remove tough, lasting odors. Use MOMS For germs and bacteria on sports equipment, and severe odors in gloves and padding.
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