Mixing Diluting Instructions

Mixing & Diluting OdorXit Concentrate

What is this Part we talk about?
A "Part" as referred to throughout this web site when referring to diluting OdorXit Products can be any unit of liquid volume. They include but are certainly not limited to CC's, ounces, quarts, gallons, liters, cups, shots, tablespoons, etc. It doesn't really matter what unit of measure you use as long as the same unit of measure is used for each "Part".

Additionally some times we use 1:15 or 1:30 notation when refering to dilution rates. 1 refering to the parts of concentrate, 15 or 30 refering to the parts of water.

For instance, OdorXit Concentrate is usually mixed 1 part of Concentrate to 30 parts of water. If you were trying to make a quart of OdorXit Concentrate solution (roughly 32 ounces) you would mix 1 ounce of Concentrate with 30 or 31 ounces of water to make a quart. The important point to remember is that mixing OdorXit Concentrate is not rocket science. About 1 part Concentrate to about 30 parts of water works really good on horizontal spaces that have been contaminated with urine, feces, vomit, and the like. About 1 part of Concentrate to 15 parts of water works well on vertical spaces like walls, doors, etc.

Here is a convent mixture table to make different size batches.
Pump Sprayer
mixing dilution tabel
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