How To Use OdorXit Magic

Magic by OdorXit OdorXit Magic is effective and easy to use.

Spray Magic into the affected air or onto a surface near the source of the odor or directly onto the odor source – couches, clothing, etc.

Some Common Magic Application Instructions

  • To prevent bathroom odors, direct 3 or 4 pumps of the mist sprayer onto the bottom of the toilet seat or a nearby surface.
  • For treating large areas like bathrooms, showers, kitchens, portable and public toilets and other areas with tile or cement floors, add 4 or 5 ounces of Magic to the mop bucket or detergent or rinse water and mop it on and allow it to dry.
  • For treating stinky hotel rooms or rental cars, walk through the hotel room spraying or spray the car. Give Magic a couple minutes to absorb the odors. And then you’ll be smelling Fresh and Clean!
  • Great for decaying animal smells when the mouse has died behind the wall. Spray Magic at the outlets and switch plates in the wall, the seam at the wall and door, wherever the decaying smell is leaking through to the room.
  • Spray your hair, clothes, even car and house to absorb smoke smells as you or friends continue to smoke.
  • Spray on your hands and pet your dog to absorb body odor almost on contact.
  • Spray on couches or bed clothes, anywhere your pet may have left body odor.
  • Spray into used liter in the litter box (after scooping) to absorb pee and feces odors.
  • Great for arm pit odor. Spray your pit, turn your shirt inside out and wear it 5 more days!
  • Never smell stinky diapers while you’re waiting to find a trash can. Roll it up and squirt magic at the diaper. No more odor.
  • Great for the trash can odors too!
  • And we can't leave out Ostomy odors. The 2 ounce bottle is perfect for pocket and purse to smell fresh anywhere!
Keep this and all odor control products out of reach of children.


Home Size 8oz

magic by odorxit

Refill Size 64oz

magic by odorxit