How To Use OdorXit AQM

aqm logo OdorXit AQM - Air Quality Manager is the easiest of the OdorXit products to use. It creates a gas of chlorine dioxide in safe quantities. When our packet combines with moisture or water it oxidizes or eliminates odors permanently. This gas procedure gets to many places that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Just turn a small fan on to circulate the gas and your life will smell fresh again!

How To Use OdorXit AQM

Remove any cardboard, cardboard boxes, etc. from the room - They will suck up the AQM gas in the air, and the AQM will not work as intended.

Calculate the surface area of the room/s you need to remove the smoke smell from. For rooms 1000 sq ft or less that have no furniture, a single 10 gram packet will be sufficient. If the room has furniture, you’ll need a 25 gram packet. Each room will require their own packet of AQM.


  1. Place the AQM Packet in a corner of the room.
  2. Open the silver packet.
  3. Remove the white pouch and place it back into the clear, self adhesive protector.
  4. Attach the clear, self adhesive protector pack on the back of a 4″ diameter small fan.
4′ in diameter is big enough. You’ll just want it to move around the gas the AQM packet creates. The gas must come in contact with all the smoke residue left on the walls – This is the final step on how to remove smoke odor from the house. A ceiling fan will do as well. Place it on low and in the ‘winter’ position – pulling the air UP from the floor.


You’ll also need 40% + relative humidity for the packet to make the gas in the room. You can find that by Googling relative humidity in your city. If you are lower than 40% rh, you need to add an additional teaspoon of water to the packet. That will allow the packet to create chlorine dioxide gas to remove the smell of smoke from the house. It will also oxidize mold, mildew, germs, bacteria, curry cooking smells, and even skunk so they won’t come back.


AQM 10oz

aqm 10 oz

AQM 25oz

aqm 25oz