How To Use OdorXit AQM

AQM by OdorXit OdorXit AQM - Air Quality Manager is the easiest of the OdorXit products to use. It creates a gas of chlorine dioxide in safe quantities. When our packet combines with moisture or water it oxidizes or eliminates odors permanently. This gas procedure gets to many places that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Just turn a small fan on to circulate the gas and your life will smell fresh again!

Instructions for Using OdorXit AQM

  • Open the silver Mylar packet when you're ready to start. (Never Open The White Inner Pouch) Humidity in the air should be 40% or above. If not, add a teaspoon of water to a 1/2 sheet of a paper towel.
  • Add the damp paper towel and the white pouch (from inside the silver Mylar pouch) into the clear packet.
  • Remove the adhesive paper backing and attach to a solid surface BEHIND a small desk size fan set on low. The fan circulates the gas the AQM packet creates throughout the room.
  • Leave it in position or move it from room to room all the time the packet is creating a gas.
You can live and play in the room as normal. It will improve the odors and your breathing in as little as 3-5 days and get rid of the odors completely during the life of the packet. It will produce a gas for 20-30 days.


AQM 10oz

AQM 25oz