What is OdorXit® Concentrate?

  • 02 Mar, 2009
OdorXit® Concentrate is a safe and effective water based odor elimination product that uses one or more of 3 chemical processes to completely eliminate odors by neutralizing their source. If the area is re-contaminated, it will need to be re-treated. OdorXit® Concentrate contains only water soluble organic essential oils diluted in water that use one […] The post What is OdorXit® Concentrate? appeared first on Odor Removal for Just About Everything.
OdorXit® Concentrate is a safe and effective water based odor elimination product that uses one or more of 3 chemical processes to completely eliminateodors by neutralizing their source. If the area is re-contaminated, it will need to be re-treated.
OdorXit® Concentrate contains only water soluble organic essential oils diluted in water that use one or more of the following processes to completely eliminate tough odors including:
  • Absorption. This is the physical penetration of the malodor substance into the inner molecular structures of the product.
  • Bonding(chemisorption). Involves the exchange or sharing of electrons between the malodor atoms and those of the product. This is a very quick-acting technology. However, if used alone, it will not be a complete solution. Depending upon the malodor, desorption of between 10 to 50% may take place over a period of 30 minutes to 4 hours (the odor comes back).
  • Counteraction. A phenomenon that occurs when the proper two odors are physically in the same area, with the overall odor being reduced instead of increased. This method is termed neutralization when no odor results and reodorization when a milder pleasant odor replaces the malodor. It works through Zwaardemaker pairs (conjugates), pairs of odorants that neutralize each other’s respective odors. This principle works by having the counteractant in the same physical state as the malodor. Thus it can be effective on solids, liquids and gases.
OdorXit® Concentrate is supplied as a highly concentrated liquid that must be diluted to work properly.
Having to dilute the product before use is a inconvenience, but, with the skyrocketing cost of shipping and the bottles of liquid larger than 1/2 gallon are very vulnerable to puncture and breakage during shipment. Shipping 30 ounces of water for every 1 ounce of concentrate seems like a dumb idea and limits the available concentrations of the diluted ready to use product.
The other inconvenience is the lack of a sprayer.  However,  the actual type of sprayer needed for a project varies considerably depending on the application. Trigger sprayers work fine for small and vertical areas but poorly on larger areas. Yard/deck sprayers work well on larger indoor areas and smaller outdoor applications. Hose end sprayers work really well but are limited to large outdoor areas and large crawl spaces.  Selecting and locally acquiring the appropriate sprayer for your application is much cheaper and easier than buying it on-line and having it shipped.
In general the dilution rates vary from 1 part of concentrate to:
  • 15 parts of water on vertical surfaces,
  • 30 parts of water for horizontal surfaces,
  • and 50 to 100 of parts water in washing machines and on dirt.
(a “part” of water or concentrate can be an ounce or a cc or what ever measure you want to use but it has to be the same for both the concentrate and the water. Further, mixing OdorXit® Concentrate is not rocket science. If you are trying to make a quart of 30 to 1 solution and it turns out to be 33 to 1 or 28 to 1 it will make no measurable difference in the outcome.)
In order for OdorXit® Concentrate to perform properly it must come in direct contact with the cause of the odor in sufficient quantities to neutralize the source. The actual amount of solution necessary to completely neutralize a specific odor causing material is closely related to how much material there is to be neutralized and to a much lessor extent what the material is (urine, vomit, feces, rotting food, etc.).
Suffice to say,  the less material there is to neutralize, the less OdorXit® Solution you will need to neutralize it. Since most odor sources are water soluble and the ones that are not water soluble can be made water soluble with detergent. Washing the contaminated area with detergent and water is a good start, but removing the spent detergent from the contaminated area is a critical part of the process. Further, rinsing the contaminated area with fresh water and removing the rinse water makes a big difference as well.
Actually removing the spent detergent and rinse water is a part of the process that is under estimated and generally less than completely effective. Using a water tolerant vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner or wet/dry shop vacuum are the best ways to remove the spent liquids. Wiping or moping the area is not nearly as effective. Simply allowing the are to dry is not acceptable and often makes the problem worse by allowing the water loaded with the odor source materials to soak further into the area being cleaned.
OdorXit® Concentrate works on a wide varsity of organic odors including but not limited to:
  • urine from all animals and humans
  • feces
  • vomit
  • dead animals
  • rotting meat
  • fish
  • vegetables
  • and a wide variety of other organic odors
OdorXit® Concentrate can be applied to many surfaces and materials including but not limited to:
  • fabrics
  • flooring
  • walls
  • furniture
  • clothing
  • pet fur
  • and much more .
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OdorXit Odor Eliminator

By Deb Meyer 04 Dec, 2017

Remember when you were a kid and you got a new puppy for Christmas? You came down stairs to see if Santa had come and left you gifts. But there sitting in a box with the wobbling lid was a long floppy eared puppy! Your eyes got as big as saucers! You couldn’t believe your eyes. It was the best Christmas ever. A new dog for you!


Will You do the Same for Your Kids?

And now it’s your kids’ turn to get a new puppy under the Christmas tree from you. You remember all the fun of your puppy – you named him Buddy. He was your buddy. He followed you everywhere. Through the house, in the back yard, some days he even tried to follow you to school. He was the perfect companion. At least that’s what you remembered.


But now you’re the mom in this equation. Not the wide eyed little girl so you’re thinking of all the other ‘situations’ that come with this little puppy.



Oh, the training.  Who gets to remove dog urine from the carpet? Will that be your job this time? What about not jumping up on people. How big will the puppy get? Who gets to train him not to bite; to get along with the cat? That training just seemed to happen with your childhood dog, Buddy.


And what about the house breaking – no peeing in the house? You don’t remember having to remove dog urine from the carpet as a kid. That’s right. Your Buddy never peed inside the house. Well, maybe he did. But you as a kid never had to clean it up so you don’t remember.


Dog Poo on the Carpet

And the poo. You do remember stepping in it once on the carpet as you got out of bed. But that was only one time. Right? You thought it was funny because you tracked it all the way down the hall…on the carpet.


By Terri Friedhoff 24 Oct, 2017

The recent storms that have ravaged multiple parts of the US have caused unprecedented damage. If you or your loved ones were affected by any of these storms, our thoughts and best wishes go out to you. Because these storms were so large in scale, people have experienced everything from moderate to complete damage.

Since getting rid of bad odors is our area of expertise, we want to help anyone who lost power for an extended period of time during one of these storms but didn't face complete damage to their home and belongings. Even if you're dealing with a refrigerator that smells incredibly bad due to it being fully defrosted and having items like frozen food decompose for days or even weeks, we want to go over how you can fully restore your appliance to its former condition.

5 Steps to Saving Your Refrigerator After Losing Electricity

The first step is to remove all of the spoiled food. This can be a truly nasty and smelly experience, which is why you'll want to wear a protective mask and gloves as you do it. Once your refrigerator is clean, take it outside and spray it out with a garden hose. If you have a truck or access to one, consider taking your appliance to a car wash and use the high-powered equipment to spray it out.

The next step is to spray one ounce of OdorXit Concentrate mixed with 30 ounces of water everywhere the refrigerator smells. That means spraying the insulation behind the doors,

under and around the door gaskets, the inside, behind the drawers and every little opening where the defrosted food might have dripped. Once the OdorXit Concentrate solution comes in contact with the rotten food smells, it will remove them from your refrigerator completely and safely.

The second to last step is to let the refrigerator dry outside then bring it back in the house. Don't panic if it still smells a little. It just means there is still at least one spot that hasn't been treated yet. You'll be able to knock it out by continuing to sniff and spraying wherever you detect even a slight odor.

The final step is to remember to be a good neighbor! Spray a few shots of the OdorXit Concentrate solution in the drain at the car wash or wherever you ended up treating your appliance. Anyone who comes by after you will be very glad you did.

By following the process above, it's possible to save even the worst smelling refrigerator, which in turns means saving hundreds of dollars by not needing to buy a replacement. So if you know anyone who's currently trying to restore belongings like their refrigerator, feel free to share this post with them by email or on Facebook.

If you'd like more detailed information, check out this page on our website  Refrigerator Odor

Get your OdorXit Concentrate now and always have some in your cabinet for odor emergencies.  Just keep the OdorXit out of the direct sunlight and it will last a long time.  No shelf life.  

By 28 Aug, 2017
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