Urine Contaminated Wood Flooring

Step by Step Flooring Recovery

Recovering flooring from urine contamination is relatively simple by comparison to carpeting.

  • Remove all dirt, remnants of padding, old linoleum, carpeting, tack stripping and loose paint by what ever means is appropriate for the flooring in question. This could include anything from simply running a shop vacuum over the floor, to a long handled ice scrapper and a shovel. Don't gasp, I have used both and others too! Don't forget to clean out the floor mounted heating and cold air ducts.
  • Wash the floor with Tri-Sodium Phosphate (containing phosphates not the PC version. People in NY and CA among others states may have to acquire these products out of state). Mix the TSP 1/2 cup per gallon of hot water and spread or spray it on the floor. If you scrub the floor, only do it along the length of the boards, not across them. After 2 to 5 minutes vacuum up the spent TSP and rinse with fresh water and vacuum again.
  • Let the floor dry over night without fans. 
  • If there are spots of white powder on the floor wash and rinse the area again. 
  • If there are black sticky spots, you should seriously consider cutting that area of wood out. It is rotting and will continue to rot. Anywhere you remove wood, clean, rinse and treat the wood underneath.
  • Spray the entire floor with OdorXit solution (4 ounces per gallon of water) so that it is wet and stays wet for 15 to 20 minutes, especially in the stained areas. Also spray under the moldings, up the wall at least 1 foot and in any floor mounted duct work. If the floor boards have holes or if there are cracks in or between the boards, spray OdorXit solution directly into the holes and cracks.
  • The next day air out the treated area and check for urine smells and damp spots. If there are damp spots read about the treatment of extreme cases. If there are areas that are dry but still smell of urine, re-spray and cover the wet area with a piece of plastic. This will retard the evaporation of the OdorXit solution and give it more time to soak into the same areas the urine soaked into. 
If the smell still persists, refer to extreme cases or call the OdorXit Help line at 1877-ODORXIT.
Odor eliminator concentrate

64oz Eliminator Concentrate

OdorXit Concentrate is a powerful, all natural salts and oils odor eliminator. This 64 ounce bottle is enough to eliminate odors on 4,000 sq. ft. of hard surface. It is safe and easy to apply as it attacks and neutralizes almost all organic odors and some inorganic odors on contact. Organic odors are odors such as human and animal urine and feces, vomit, decaying matter, rotting food in refrigerators, trash cans, skunk spray, fish, etc.

Extreme Urine Odor in Flooring Cases When things are really bad you just have to get tough
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