odorxit eliminator

Teenager Kit



Item: Size:
Magic Spray 8 oz.
Eliminator Concentrate 16 oz.
AQM 10 g.

Teenagers are known to produce many foul odors, and can leave rooms, or even houses, smelling bad without even realizing it. Whether it’s body odor, dirty clothes, or other bad smells, OdorXit’s teenager kit is guaranteed to remove those unpleasant odors from your life.

What is it used for?

  • OdorXit Concentrate: OdorXit concentrate is used along with the typical amount of detergent to aid in removing odors from clothes in the washing machine.

  • OdorXit Magic: OdorXit Magic can be sprayed in the air after using AQM to remove any lasting smells, or to freshen up the air.

  • OdorXit AQM:AQM can be used in bedrooms or other frequently used rooms to eliminate possible odors, even before they become noticeable.
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