Sealing & Painting Floors

Removing Odors by Sealing & Painting Floors

Sealers are intended to block stains on walls from bleeding through and staining new paint applied to a wall. They are not designed to seal or block gasses (odors) from escaping or passing through. Some but not most paints do produce a continuous membrane finish that are not gas permeable, but considering that only one of many sides of an object like a piece of drywall or flooring is being sealed (painted), this approach offers limited odor control and success. In fact, the reason they work when they do is they block the water from getting to the urea salt, which blocks the catalytic reaction that produces the gas.

Fire and tobacco smoke damage are the obvious exceptions. But even long term contamination of walls and ceiling with tobacco smoke can be sealed in only after the majority of the tobacco tars (the yellow stuff) has been washed away with TSP . (OdorXit Concentrate is somewhat ineffective against most smoke odors unless the diluted version is mixed with TSP or used after TSP has been used. Even then, it does not eliminate the odor completely but does reduces the odor substantially). If smoke odor is the problem, OdorXit AQM and MOMS are both very effective against tobacco and fire smoke. AQM packets of the appropriate size, placed in a room with a small fan to circulate the air, will eliminate the smoke odor in 1 to 3 days. If the smoke has been painted over, the same process will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Sealing urine odors into flooring can work on sheet flooring but careful analyses of what is actually happening reveals some serious flaws in the practice. Sealing sheet flooring actually reduces the amount of water and water vapor getting to the urea salt so that the salt does not produce the mercaptan gas. However, when the floor is put back into service small movements of the surface caused by occupant traffic and furniture will cause the sealers to crack and leak water vapor in and the evil mercaptan out. The cracks are large enough to allow water vapor in and mercaptan gas to escape, but too small to allow OdorXit Concentrate and liquid water to get in to work on the urea salt. Further, floor boards have 6 sides. Sealing just one side is not enough to do the job.
Odor eliminator concentrate

64oz Eliminator Concentrate

OdorXit Concentrate is a powerful, all natural salts and oils odor eliminator. This 64 ounce bottle is enough to eliminate odors on 4,000 sq. ft. of hard surface. It is safe and easy to apply as it attacks and neutralizes almost all organic odors and some inorganic odors on contact. Organic odors are odors such as human and animal urine and feces, vomit, decaying matter, rotting food in refrigerators, trash cans, skunk spray, fish, etc.
Using sealers or paint to seal concrete floors is a bit more effective but most sealers and paint are gas permeable. Additionally scratches and wear spots in the sealer or paint will cause mercaptan gas to leak past the "seal", again, creating the problem mentioned above.

Heavily contaminated wood and concrete flooring present yet another problem. When the urea salt gets wet from water drawn from the bottom of the wood or concrete, the gas produced can and will actually lift sealers and paint off the floor. When these blisters burst, the odor returns.

Removing the Bulk of the Odor Problem Doing the easy things first makes the hard problems easier to fix
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