Removing Urine Splash in Bathrooms

Removing Urine Splash in Bathrooms

What do you do about the urine splash around the toilet?

The main issue with urine splash in bathrooms is that if the urine has not dried yet, it is easier and cheaper to wash it off with detergent and water. OdorXit Concentrate is designed to work on urine byproducts. Urine, while still wet, has not produced the urea salts that cause the odors that Concentrate neutralizes. If the urine has dried, spray OdorXit Concentrate solution on after washing the area and the problem will be gone in a few hours.
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Odor eliminator concentrate

16oz Eliminator Concentrate

OdorXit Concentrate is a powerful, all natural salts and oils odor eliminator. This 16 ounce bottle is enough to eliminate odors on 1,000 sqft of hard surface. It is safe and easy to apply as it attacks and neutralizes almost all organic odors and some inorganic odors on contact. Organic odors are odors such as human and animal urine and feces, vomit, decaying matter, rotting food in refrigerators, trash cans, skunk spray, fish, etc.

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