Removing Odors from Duct Work

Removing Odors from Duct Work

What do you do about the smell of the garbage and pet urine that accumulates in floor mounted HVAC ducts?

Simply cleaning out the ducts often does not get rid of the smell that is produces by the trash, food, urine, and other material that finds its way into these hidden places.

Cleaning is essential, but afterwards, spray OdorXit as far back into the duct as you can reach with the sprayer you are using. Pay particular attention to the joints in the ducts because they contain much of the material causing the smell. Don't forget the grates. Cleaning and painting them will normally not fix the problem.

If the duct work is not accessible, it may be worth the expense to have them professionally cleaned but not sealed. After they have been cleaned, spray them with OdorXit Concentrate 1:30 to eliminate the remaining odors.
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