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The Do's and Don'ts For Removing Odors From Stinky Properties for:
  • real estate agents and investors
  • rehabbers, remodelers and restoration
  • home flippers
  • apartment and rental property owners
Why are you here?
Lets face it, you are here because you have an odor problem with a current property or one you are considering acquiring or even the one you live in. In the past you have probably tried all the home remedies like bleach, ammonia, TSP, vinegar, various sealers, tomato juice (huh?) and even the other odor elimination products only to find that on the next hot and humid day the smell returned.
Good News & Bad News
The good news is that OdorXit products are capable of solving the kinds of odor problems house buyers and sellers run into permanently (or at lease until the area is re contaminated). The bad news is that OdorXit Products are not a magic wands or a silver bullets. You will have to invest a little time and effort to learn how to use the correct OdorXit product for your specific odor problem, acquire the appropriate tools to prepare the contaminated areas and apply the proper product properly and then actually use them properly. The situation is: most serious excrement contamination problems took weeks if not years to accumulate. Expecting to squirt some stuff at the contamination one time and fix the problem for ever is simply not a realistic expectation. Other non-excrement odor problems may not be as unpleasant but many are just as difficult to remove.

There is one other point that needs to be made here; Short-cuts don't work. Some may make you think they are working but very rarely do they actually work for longer than a week or a month. Sealing and painting just make the odor problem almost impossible to fix permanently with any normal approach to odor control. If you have tried the big-box-store approach or bought into the short cut methodology, you have made solving the problem much more difficult and costly to fix than it was originally. Despite this fact, we at OdorXit can often still help you recover your property. Yes, it will cost more. Yes it will take longer. But in very many cases it is possible and effective.

Keys To The Kingdom
The key to solving all odor problems is to understand what you are dealing with. Hopefully these documents will help you to better understand your odor problems and their solutions. If not there is the OdorXit Odor Wizard that most likely will.

Starting with: If getting rid of the really tough odors was easy, everyone would be doing it successfully. Just ask your carpet cleaning professional. Most will not even talk about removing cat urine or spray odors from a carpet. This is because removing cat urine odor generally can not be done in 10 minutes (which is all most carpet cleaning people are willing to spend on the problem). And they certainly won't guarantee that what they do will work or will get 100% of the odor out. Now you can.

Another little point you should be aware of is; pet urine and scent spray odor (mostly cat) do not always come from the flooring or carpet. We have found large deposits of urine and scent spray behind the upper kitchen cabinets, 5 or 6 feet of the floor in bedrooms where there used to be a chest of drawers, on the wall next to where a litter box had been placed, and many other places you would just not believe.

Remember. OdorXit Concentrate solution has to come in direct contact with the odor causing material. Much of the time this material is on or very near the surface of what you think is harboring the odor, but sometimes it soaked in an inch or more. If the urine got there, you can cause the OdorXit Concentrate solution to get there as well. You just have to know that it needs to happen and how to do it.
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