Odors in Dirt, Yards & Gardens

Odors in Dirt, Yards and Gardens

Eliminating urine, spray and feces odors and controlling mold and mildew odors in yards and gardens is a simple task for OdorXit products. Because of the biodegradable nature of OdorXit Concentrate, treating out door areas should be done in the evening so that the Sun's degrading action is minimized.

If you have a small contaminated area (100 sq.ft. or so), a tank type yard sprayer will work fine. Again it is more important to thoroughly wet the affected area than it is to use a lot of OdorXit. You have to get the OdorXit Concentrate to the odor causing material that has dried on the vegetation and soaked into the dirt to eliminate the odor. Normal 30:1 dilution rate works fine on small areas. Lower concentrations 50-80 to l (and a larger volume of solution) should be applied on larger areas or gravel.

For a large area of contamination try to find and use an Ortho DIAL 'n SPRAY  Hose-End Sprayer (the web site is very difficult to navigate) or a Sears/ Gilmore DIAL-A-MIX  Hose-End Sprayer and it becomes a really easy task. Just pour part of a bottle of OdorXit Concentrate into the dispenser bottle, set the dial to 1/2 ounces per gallon, turn the water on, and spray the contaminated area. The low concentration is to account for the fact that these devices put out a lot of water and you only need a little OdorXit soaked into the dirt and vegetation to eliminate the odor problem. The large amount of water simply makes it easier for the OdorXit to get to the source of the odor. Using a fixed dilution rate Hose-End Sprayers simply requires that you dilute the OdorXit in the dispenser bottle. Generally speaking 1 part of OdorXit to 4 parts of water works very well and gives you plenty of time to spray all the affected areas.

If you are treating both scent spray and urine, first eliminate urine odor with the low concentration OdorXit Concentrate and then attack the scent spray odor. Scent spray is almost always "On" something, not in the ground. Eliminating the urine odor first will make it much easier to find and treat the scent spray odor with small amounts of higher concentration OdorXit (15 water to 1 OdorXit works well). A 16 ounce trigger spray bottle is much better suited for scent spray than a tank sprayer of hose end sprayer.

OdorXit will not damage your flowers or bushes.
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