Smelly Cats Have Smelly Urine, People Have Smelly Urine Too!

Is it even possible to get rid of smelly urine?

Smelly cats can be caused by many things. So can smelly urine. The Smelly Cat from TV actually got his start by Phoebe in the TV sitcom "Friends". Remember "Smelly cat, smelly cat. What are they feeding you?" If you weren't watching, you won't get it, so we'll go on.

Smelly urine gets it start by what's in your body. It could be what you put in your body - such as asparagus - oh what a smell!

Or it could be things that grow in you like a virus or bacteria. Lack of drinking water or dehydration will make you or your pets' urine stronger due to less water in the body. That will cause a very strong urine odor.

Medicine and Food Can Change Your Urine

Have you ever taken medication and the color of your urine changes? Often that can change the smell too.

A smelly urine color change example

When we were on vacation in Mexico, red guava fruit was on the buffet every morning. My husband ate a lot of it while we were there. By the time we went home, his pee was very red. He went to the doctor to have it checked out - we were concerned that it was blood and something else was really wrong. We didn't attribute it to food he was eating.

The doctor took tests and ask what he had been eating. When he told him guava and fruit - the doctor wasn't surprised. He said that was what was causing his red urine. Drink lots of water and it will go away. And it did.

So the things we do put in our mouth can make a huge impact on what comes out of our body. I don't know if he has smelly urine - I didn't get that close to tell - but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't at least have a sweet smell.

A sweet smell of your urine could mean you have uncontrolled diabetes. Your body may not be making all the insulin you need or if you are a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic - you need more medicine.

The point, however, is what we put in our mouths can make a big difference on how everything smells as it exists the body. Read here for more information on causes of smelly urine.

So the real question is, even if you have smelly urine, how do you get rid of the smell when it lands on carpet (dogs, cats or people), tile in the bathroom or as simple as a toilet overflow? That's the real question.

You can change what your your eating. Change the medicine - if that's even practical or just drink more water.

But what if your smelly urine got on the rug, your clothes, mattress or bedding? What do you do then?
Yes! It is Possible to Get Rid of Smelly Urine Odor!

OdorXit Concentrate is the answer. OdorXit is always the answer when the question is urine. (And many other odors too!) Whether it is smelly or not. People or pets or animals.

I know a guy who does miss the toilet a lot when he aims. It is the nature of having bladder cancer and getting older. Those urinary parts just don't work like they did when he was younger - or any of us when we were younger. So in the bathroom he uses the most, he keeps a spray bottle of OdorXit Concentrate mixed with water on the back of the toilet. It is in an easy to reach spot and he can spray the toilet seat, bowl and or floor as needed.

It eliminates the smelly urine smell immediately. He doesn't smell it, his wife does smell it so it keeps the place smelling fresh and not like a hospital.

OdorXit is safe and all natural and you never need to worry about where you spray the product. It is water based and some essential oils so it won't harm fabrics, carpet, hard wood - even dry cleaning. It just eliminates the smelly urine smell when it comes in contact with the urine.
After answering the question "What to use to remove smelly urine", the next question becomes "Why is OdorXit any different that the other products I've tried or other products on the shelves? "

That's a fair question because that is the question we get asked the most. Why will OdorXit work when other products that PROMISE to eliminate odors fail?

OdorXit is different. It is not made of harsh chemicals to do the odor elimination. It's not made up of fragrances. It doesn't contain enzymes either. And these are all the ingredients you will find in most of the other odor elimination products.
I'm not naming names, but if you Google some of the other products, you'll see the ingredients and their issues. Harsh chemicals you can't pronounce the names, enzymes, bacteria, probiotics, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, issues are respiratory (breathing) issues, cancer, skin irritation, run off is toxic in the water for the fish.

Lots of items listed here are things you don't want to be breathing or touching your skin. So that won't work for getting skunk spray smell off your pet or you!

What if I told you that OdorXit Concentrate or Magic had none of those issues or ingredients and was safe enough and effective enough to get rid of skunk spray on you or your pet and of course, get rid of the smell of smelly urine too?

Even though enzymes are made from proteins (even food grade proteins) they can still be hazardous to your skin, pets fur and paws, and hazardous when ingested. Pets lick their paws when they walk on something they don't like (yes, even poop) UGH! so they may be ingesting enzymes too. 

And birds are even more susceptible to chemicals and just fragrances in their air. When they have a negative effect on their organs, it doesn't take much to harm or kill them. Those chemicals can cause allergies or respiratory problems too.

OdorXit Concentrate and Magic by OdorXit are two separate water and essential oils recipes with NO added fragrances. They are all natural. One product eliminates the odor at the source (OdorXit Concentrate) and Magic eliminates odors in the air. And since there are no added fragrances or chemicals, both are safe to use around birds, dogs, pets, the environment and well, you and me.

Here's a testimonial from a Bird Sanctuary located in New York State that uses our OdorXit products for their birds, macaw's, parrot's and dog odors too!

“We use OdorXit Concentrate and Magic in our non-profit Priceless Parrot Preserve, Inc. We spray the cages and floors. It's everything you want in an odor eliminator. It's been safe for our parrots, macaws, owls and cockatoos, so I'm sure it's safe enough for you and your pet too!”

Priceless Parrot Preserve
Gene & Marietta Avery
Ridge, NY

Our motto at OdorXit is to cause no harm and do what we can to get rid of people's odors that makes their life miserable and stinky. Even if that means OdorXit is not the answer. But that's why we wrote the Odor Eliminator Bible.

OdorXit's odor elimination bible is over 30 pages of how to prepare different surfaces before using OdorXit Products to ensure you do get rid of your odors 100%! Don't let 30 pages scare you!

There are just lots of surfaces people can and do use OdorXit Concentrate and the other products on. Plus we still only list many not all surfaces. But OdorXit will get smelly urine and lots of other odors out of:

  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Counters
  • Dogs' face or fur for skunk smell removal ( YES! It's that safe.)
  • Dry clean only clothes
  • Drywall
  • Duck work (yes, pets pee here too and sometimes people)
  • Hardwood
  • Linoleum
  • Metal (mice and their droppings under the hood of your car or RV)
  • Plaster
  • Plastics (coolers, diaper pales, and more)
  • Washing machine odors and smelly urine or vomit in washables
  • And a whole lot more!

So we wrote the Odor Bible to help you get 100% odor elimination where ever your stinky odors may be. And if you don't find your odor or surface listed on the website or in the Bible, call our toll-free help line. 877-636-7948. We will answers your questions too (and maybe even add your situation to the next printing of the Odor bible to help others be successful in getting their odors out too. 

So the next time you've got smelly urine or a smelly cat and have no cat, always think OdorXit and OdorXit Concentrate and log on to 

Better yet! Log on RIGHT NOW to and get yours and keep it on hand for the next smelly anything you have in your life!