My Dog Peed on my Couch, Now What?

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Dogs are wonderful pets. They love unconditionally, they wait for you at the door, and they are always happy when you come home. They are up when you are down and want to comfort you; they really are God spelled backwards. How much better can you get? However, my dog peed on my couch. Now what?

When they have accidents in the house – and it’s always on the new furniture, new carpet, new couch – what do you do to save your belongings? Your spouse may think it is time for the four legged friend to find a new home. That could be enough to break up a marriage. Ouch!

What do you do to clean up the urine smell?

Soak up as much urine without stepping on the towel or putting pressure on the urine. This will keep from pressing more urine deeper into the couch or surface.

You probably use soap next. That’s what you have on hand. Then you discover soap does not get rid of the odor. And how do you get the sudsy part out, anyway?

On top of everything else, company is ringing the door bell and you have a big smelly wet spot on the couch. It actually looks like some person peed on the couch instead of a small dog. So now what?

You can walk away today. But over time, the smell will come back. Your dog did pee on your couch and the smell is still there. Now what?

What about an enzyme cleaner for dog pee on your couch?

Enzymes have a shelf life. They are living things; and like all living things, they do eventually die. 

  • How long were the enzymes on your pantry shelf?
  • How long was the enzyme product on your pet store’s shelf?
  • How long was it in the cargo truck getting to the manufacturer’s shelf?
  • How long was the enzyme product on the manufacturer’s shelf?

The shelf life for your enzyme cleaner may be just about over. It has a 50% chance of working at this point. And what about the fact that enzymes never work after using any kind of detergent or soap on the surface? If you’ve used soap, you now have a 0% chance of the enzymes getting rid of any odors.

You still have dog pee on your couch. Now What?

You’ve tried the ‘spray it every day’ products, too. The smell is just more putrid with the added lilac and urine smell or the combination of Hawaiian tropic and urine. What do you do next?

You can call in a professional.

  • Professionals use harsh chemicals in their cleaning process and may damage your fabric.
  • They also use very hot water. Will it shrink your fabric? 
  • They won’t guarantee the odor will be gone.
  • And they may be using enzymes, too.

You still have dog urine odor on your couch. You’ve just about given up. And that is when OdorXit gets most of our customers. A lot of our customers come from people with dog, cat, or people urine problems that have used other products. Those 'solutions' didn’t get rid of their odors.

OdorXit Concentrate works when the others fail. It’s just that we are not on all the store shelves. People try what the store clerk thinks will work, then they search for more answers after figuring out they just didn’t have the answer to eliminate odors safely.

Let’s get rid of the dog pee odor on your couch, permanently!

OdorXit Concentrate eliminates the smell of urine just about anywhere. If you can get the OdorXit to the urine, it will eliminate all the smell…permanently, too!

OdorXit Concentrate is made of water and essential oils. And you add even more water before you apply the solution. It contains: 

  • No enzymes 
  • No harsh chemicals 
  • No fragrances to cover up the urine smell 

It eliminates the smell by altering the urine particles so they stop smelling. It’s that easy. The OdorXit Concentrate is our best buy. Add four ounces of Concentrate to one gallon of water.

Saturate the area of the couch where the urine is located. It doesn’t matter that you’ve used soap or enzymes or even chlorine. If you have used these other chemicals, ensure that your couch is completely dry before you use the OdorXit Concentrate. If they are still wet, they will neutralize the OdorXit.

As long as you get the OdorXit solution to all of the urine on your couch, your odor will be gone. You’ll be saying:

“My dog peed on my couch. You can’t even smell it!”

Real life dog urine on the couch

We have a customer whose dog is getting older. This dog has always slept on the couch during the day and in their bed at night. As he is getting older, the bladder is not holding the urine as well as before. So the couch has urine spots on it and it smells.

They did all the steps I described earlier and they still had smells. They used the OdorXit just as I described, too. And they got rid of the odor.

The dog also leaked on the carpet. The family did the same procedure on the carpet. They saturated the areas where they found urine with the OdorXit solution and just let it dry. The odor was completely gone when they were finished. 

Using OdorXit made living with their incontinent furry friend smell much better and he didn’t damage the house. It‘s just so important to be able to have quality of life in our final years. We still want the love we’ve always gotten when we were healthy. So often nasty odors will keep us away from our loved ones. Four legged or two legged. And it’s just not that way with OdorXit.

Don’t let odors keep you away from your loved ones.

Get OdorXit and be fresh and clean always!